Giselle's new home

November 18, 2014

Giselle (female) 7/20/13Giselle (female) 7/20/13

Giselle was born last year, an adorable little Torte Point Siamese, she was exceptionally affectionate with her little motor going much of the time. A family came to the shelter, looking for a kitten for their Mom who was older but still in good health. They brought the mother in and it was love at first sight between the two. As soon as Giselle was ready to go home, she was out the door and into the arms of her new owner.
They spent hours together during the day, and slept cuddled up at night. Giselle was in kitty heaven! The ladies’ son also had two of our shelter cats and was to be the backup owner in case of illness or death of Mom.
After a few months of delightful existence for both kitty and owner, the owner became very ill. She asked for one day to visit her precious kitty, and spent that day holding and saying good bye to her furry friend. Giselle did not know that her best friend would die the next day. She only knew that she was alone. Lots of food and warmth, but no person to hold and pet her.
She was taken to the son’s place, where the two resident cats not only said no about her joining them, but heck no! Giselle crept into a corner and turned her head away. “Why was her loving owner gone?” “Had Giselle done something terribly wrong?” So at last the ladies’ son brought her back to our shelter.
She climbed on a shelf away from the other three cats in her small room here and searched each face, hoping that one would be her owner. If Giselle could speak, she would ask, “Is there anyone that will want me, all by myself, hold me and love me?” “Will my Christmas wish be answered?” Join me in prayers for a new home for this lovely female please. Granny Kat, Norma


Just spoke with Giselle’s new owners, after hiding for a day, she is on their laps and loving her new home.  Happy Thanksgiving Mz Giselle!

Granny Kat, Norma


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