Peaceful Night

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Last night, after a long day of work, I actually sat in a chair in the living room

and watched PBS for a few minutes.  Gemini climbed on the green cage behind

my chair and gently touched my head with his.  His body is still sensitive from

his close encounter with starvation, but he enjoys touching and having his head

gently stroked.

Willie our oldest room resident came over and reminded me that the winter

season of quiet was almost over and Willie wanted petted.  Pricilla and Owlette

his two closest friends joined him for pets and conversation. 

Two of our yellow kittens had been returned and were in a cage by the door.

They were shy at first but soon relaxed into the rhythm of a cage again and lots

of toys to play with.  I had worked on a finding a copy of “How to introduce our

new cat to other cats” and was considering giving this article to people adopting

our kittens or cats that had kitties at home.  Often families think they know how

to introduce new pets, but this article had some great ideas.

Earlier in the day during morning shift I had noticed that the window behind

the cage at the far side of the room, had painters tape sealing it.  The tape was

cracked and full of dust.  Despite the thorough cleaning that we give each room

we had overlooked that danger spot.  Soon it was clean with new tape sealing

the window.  Thank God for the quiet days before the storm of springtime rescues

arrive.  In the last two days 8 kittens have been born to two mother cats.  Spring

has arrived!  Busy and beyond busy days are just around the corner!


Granny Kat, Norma


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