Feral Rescue

June 05, 2014

Razelberry (male)Razelberry (male) PROOFimg_9010PROOFimg_9010


Day before yesterday a feral mama kitty was looking for food to feed her three kittens. They were seven weeks old and growing larger and more hungry each day. Mama frequently went
without food herself to feed her furry children, giving them the rich milk that they needed to survive. Mama must have seen a bird on the other side of a busy highway, because she crossed the road and was killed by a speeding car. The three kittens hereafter known as Bumbleberry, Razelberry and Loganberry, had been told to stay home by mama kitty. After a whole cold night with no food or mama in sight, they cautiously made their way to the last
place where mama had been seen. With their vivid color they were easy to see, and never having been hurt by humans they were easily caught and rescued by a caring young lady
driving by with small children.

However, she was also a victim of bad circumstances, she and the children were living at a shelter for abused woman. What could she do? She fed some of her baby’s formula to the small kittens, and asked the staff at the shelter what the resources were locally for the pretty kittens.

Since Kitten Rescue was all that was available in this large county, we were called. “No!” the old lady thought when she heard the problem, “I already have 98 cats and kittens, and where would I put them?” As per usual the solution popped into her gray head.
“The bathroom cage can serve as a temporary quarters for these motherless kittens.” The terrified babies were carefully placed in the cage, along with food and finally wet
food. The kittens carefully waited until Granny Kat, left the room and then gulped down the welcome wet food. They cautiously tried the water and kibble, and then being tidy kittens used the litter box neatly.

Their fate would have been the same as mama cats, slowly starving, and most probably death by car as they tried to find food they were not equipped to catch. Instead they will gradually be tamed, altered and immunized and then find families that will love and protect them.
Granny Kat, Norma


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