July 29, 2014

   El Gatito (male)El Gatito (male)    Mexico (male)Mexico (male)   


The weather is hot, and feral mama cats must be fed regularly in order to be

able to nurse their babies.  This mama kitty had chosen the safe haven of a

garage to have her kittens, however, for the majority of the month the owner

did not live in the home.  The home was a vacation home, and the garage was

a safe place to have babies, however, food and water were not available on

a regular basis.  With back to back pregnancies the feline did not have the

strength to nurse the kittens. 

  Luckily the homeowner visited when the kittens were just two weeks old.

They were old enough to toddle, but with mama staying away longer and longer,

trying to find food for herself and family, the kittens were slowly starving to death.

  The location of the home did not have access to any shelters that would nurse

tiny babies until they were old enough for adoption.  The only shelter that

would accept the kittens was two hours away.  The average person would

feel sad but not take the time to drive miles and miles in order to save the

babies lives.  These kittens were really lucky however.  The rescuer was

an unusually compassionate person.  Saturday afternoon he and the

babies arrived at the shelter. 

  We have a free feral fix and release program for families living in Mason

County.  Our residents make an appointment with our vet, and then we

loan them a trap to bait with tuna.  The feral cat is released after the

operation and food and water are provided 24/7. 

  These kittens will live and be altered and find good homes.  Hundreds more

will slowly die of starvation.  Without access to cat food and water, very few

cats will survive.  Mexico, El Gatito and Miguel are being fed round the clock

by one of our pediatric volunteers that is willing to sacrifice a large part of

her waking hours to save the kittens lives.  Hats off to compassion!

Granny Kat, Norma

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