Fleas are no friends

July 23, 2014

What do you do when faced with three kittens brought to our shelter
with a heavy flea infestation?
I was out of the flea control used for tiny kittens, having given it away to a person that had small kittens that were in similar circumstances.
Let me tell you that all the holistic things recommended DO NOT WORK!
The kittens came in at 11:30 in the morning, not even four weeks old.
Flea combing, saltwater baths, only took a small portion of the flea
load that was killing these babies with flea bite anemia!
Quickly one of my volunteers picked up Ovatrol from the vet’s and we
sprayed it on a hand towel and covered the kitten’s body, but not the head. We could not apply it to the skin of a kitten that weighed less than a pound. Fleas began dying and dropping off on to a clean white towel that we used to count the dead flea bodies. It was too late for the tiny Torte girl, despite the oral fluids and sub Q under the skin rehydration, she had too little blood volume left to survive. By 3:30 pm over two hundred fleas per tiny body had been killed.
Both of the small orange kitten rested, with the only way of telling that
they were alive was the tiny breaths they were taking. At 5:30 pm the flea killing patrol started again with another 40 fleas being removed. Soft food with drops
of a liquid kitty vitamin with iron were fed to the kittens. The smallest required several ccs of Ringers under the skin to survive.
At 12:30 am both were still alive! At 5 am they both could stand up and walk over to their litter box. I wistfully thought of my bed as my day starts at 4 am. 10 am brought another small kitten in that had been found starving beside the road. Covered with fleas and severely dehydrated the merry go round started again. Fortunately my tough old skin is not attractive to a flea’s hungry bite. Thank God for naps! Granny Kat, Norma

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