Isabella's leg

July 14, 2014


Isabella female)Isabella female)

Until about three weeks ago I was a normal kitten with four legs
that worked really well. I was an outdoor kitten, with no
supervision. One day I saw a butterfly on the other side of the
road, and ran at top speed to catch it.
A big fast noisy machine was coming along the road, and suddenly
I felt a burning terrible pain in my shoulder. My leg had been run
over. I lay at the side of the road, because my shoulder hurt so
badly that I could hardly breathe.
A nice man took me to Kitten Rescue’s shelter, and since the vet’s
office was closed, a kind young lady took me home, and gave
me food and water.
The next day the doctor said that there was a tiny chance that the
leg might be saved and not removed. I was to exercise and if the
nerves came back I might walk on my four legs again.
I have learned to move quickly on my remaining three legs, and
have a lovely purr. My name is Isabella, and I would like to ask
you a big favor please! Keep your kittens indoors where no cars
and animals can hurt them. If you feel they need adventure, a
screened outdoor deck or catio would be super, but I am so little
to have gone through so much pain. Thank you, Isabella the kitten

Isabella is the recipient of the Cricket Fund. The Cricket Fund is a fund dedicated to medical fees for injuries or illnesses outside the normal Kitten Rescue funding limits. Isabella is currently in foster care and being treated by the Shelton Vet for a dislocated shoulder and severed nerves which may or may not heal. Isabella may lose her leg, but we will provide her every opportunity available within our power to save it.

Either way, leg or no leg, we will find her a loving forever home.


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