Tender Loving Care

August 17, 2014

Elf (female) 7/22/14Elf (female) 7/22/14


Yesterday a man walked into the shelter late morning with a small box in his hand. It seems that he was stacking his woodpile for winter use, and found a tiny kitten at the bottom of the woodpile. Since it was a Friday, and he did not think our shelter would be open over the weekend, (our shelter is open 365 days per year), he offered the kitten, just two and a half weeks old, a saucer of cow’s milk. The kitten opened its mouth and closed it in the milk and got enough to survive the long weekend before it reached our shelter.
I picked the kitten up, and it lay in my hands, purring but not lifting its head either. With dawning horror I realized the kitten was too weak to lift its head. Kitten Milk Replacer over a smooth runny kitten wet food was soon being ingested by the kitten in a syringe. Followed by a bottle of kitten milk, and then the kitten was stimulated to urinate before I put her on a cozy snuggly disk with soft cloth wrapped around it. The urine was filled with blood, a sure sign of extreme dehydration. Since the small female was from Lake Limerick, she was named Elf.
Within hours, after a good flea combing and drops, she was sitting up, then standing up and yelling “More food, I want more delicious, nutritious, soft food, right MEOW. She would then sleep for an hour, wake up, and let me know she was still hungry. Little Elf will live, thanks to the man that brought her to our shelter, and thanks to the proper food for a kitten that she received.
Today she was moved to a new, larger cage, with toys and Baby Kat kibble and water. She posed for her first picture, and it was with pleasure I realized that she would live. Granny Kat, Norma

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