January 05, 2015

Cruiser (male) 4/12/13Cruiser (male) 4/12/13

Cruiser was obviously born into a home where he was loved. When for some reason he was abandoned in a neighborhood, he hid under a nice ladies porch and cried loudly to be allowed to come indoors where it was warm and safe. She already had two cats and her landlord would not permit a third so we were called.

The first day he was in the shelter he ate nonstop, and slept a lot. By the second day he watched the room cats and decided that it was time he was allowed out to join them. Cats that are on the floor for the first time have one of two ways of reacting. Either they hiss at all other cats coming near them, or they put out invisible vibes that tell all the other cats they are friendly. Orange cats usually are in the second category and Cruiser was no exception.

He quietly traveled around the room, and all of the other cats seemed to welcome him. I am always amazed at the rare cats that can make friends with no verbal contact at all. He enjoyed going back into his open cage for naps that first couple of days, but finally he chose a sleeping box and remained out all the time.

This pleased me because we now have an empty cage for emergencies. Soon we had one of our many calls for an orange kitty, and he will meet the people that reserved him tomorrow afternoon. I certainly wish that I could speak cat to the newcomers in the room that hiss violently for up to three to four days before they are admitted to the floor group. Maybe mix up a tincture of love and gratitude that Cruiser just has naturally. If it caught on, we could slip it into the drinks of our governing powers and save billions on war. Nuff said, “Up with the Cruisers of this world!” Granny Kat, Norma


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