Jelly Bean

January 05, 2015

Jelly Bean (female) 9/17/14Jelly Bean (female) 9/17/14

Pedigreed cats or kittens often exceed $500.00 dollars in cost to adopt. When a person looking for a special kind of kitten to join their family comes across an advertisement for a part Persian kitten for only $50.00, the price is often too good to be true.
An adorable part Persian joined our shelter just recently. The new owner was directed to a home in our area by a newspaper ad, and the kitten was brought outside for the person to look at. Red flag, was the kitten used to living in a dirty home with a litter that was not scooped? Often those kittens will develop litter box aversion. This sweet little female used the litter just fine; however, she had a couple of small spots on her nose and paw that looked suspicious. The person had an excellent vet in another city that quickly diagnosed the fungus known as ringworm. Medicines were provided. The vet unfortunately did not think of letting the person know that ringworm is contagious. An older purebred Persian loved this kitten and played with her. When the next vet check was done, the vet remembered to tell the person that the entire house was now contaminated. The vet bills although reasonable, certainly would have paid for a purebred kitten.
The new owner was horribly upset at the fact that the resident cat was now exposed to ringworm. Persians have a rough recovery when they are infected with the fungus. We were called because at times we will accept special needs kittens, and this little girl needed a new home fast! Little Jelly Bean is enjoying playing with the ringworm recovered kittens in her isolation room through the openings of her cage. In about a month she will be available for adoption to a home with adults only and no other pets.
The important part of this story is that when adding to your family of pets, be very wary of the background of the pet you are adopting. Visit the inside of the home, and or shelter and check to see what the animals look like. When you are interested in an incredible bargain, often the hidden costs can be high. Kittens need to have internal and external parasite control, immunizations, and at least one per litter should be tested for feline leukemia or aids. An animal that will be your friend for the next 12 to 15 years deserves good health care.
Granny Kat, Norma

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