January 05, 2015

Sheba (female Manx) 4/4/13 #013Sheba (female Manx) 4/4/13 #013

Hopefully none of you reading this are facing eviction. Two days ago a young mother stopped by the shelter in off hours and with the car running and the young children crying thrust a kitty into one of our volunteers arms.
“I am being evicted and I cannot live in a car with this cat and my kids too!”

Having been a single mother for a number of years before I married the current love of my life, I can empathize with the young lady. Childcare now is very expensive. By the time you pay for good care for the kids, often there is not enough money remaining to pay rent and utilities unless you have a profession.

Even if you qualify for reduced rent because of lack of or no income, the waiting list is often over two years. I can imagine the delight she felt with the births of her children. To be a single parent, and facing the fact that you could not even put a roof over your children’s head would be very difficult.

So these children were not only going to be lacking a warm home, but a favorite pet was taken from them. The lovely Siamese Manx adult, seemed content to join our other adults in the warm and friendly living room of the shelter. I longed to gather up that bereft family and try to fix things, but since the kitty was turned in when I was not at the shelter during my rest time, I could not help.

So I will pray that the frightened young lady and children will find the help they need with community support. Kitty is breathtakingly lovely, and will soon be adopted into another family that will be able to not only love her but can afford cat food and litter. Join me in praying for a new, better life for the young mother and a purrrfect home for this pretty cat.
Granny Kat, Norma


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