February 12, 2015

Gracie (female)Gracie (female)

A cute young kitten was abandoned and soon found a home with a group of unrelated people that all lived together. While she was still in the adorable kitten stage, they enjoyed having her live with them.

One man promised to take the kitten with him when he moved to Alaska to work. Naturally when he actually moved he did not take the cat with him. The owner of the home did not like cats. She especially did not like cats that were no longer kittens. She put kitty outside, and one of the other roommates fed the cat occasionally. Gracie remembered the days of sleeping by a warm human and getting regular meals. The cat tried to get back in the warm house over and over, but was thrown back outside every time.

Gracie did not know what she had done wrong, she only knew that she was cold, hungry and missed being petted and held terribly. An acquaintance of the homeowner spoke with the homeowner often on the phone. Finally when the woman was threatening to shoot the @#$% cat, the lady had to intervene to save Gracie’s life. She called us and arranged to bring the cat to our shelter. Gracie was under a year old, with lovely fur that was matted and uncared for. The pretty cat’s eyes looked sad and lonely for the person who was no longer a part of her life.
We quickly trimmed most of the mats out of her fur, and placed her in a warm cage with fresh food and water. She gulped down the food, and then lay down for a rest. She had not been sleeping well in the cold and with the threat of predators always a part of her unwelcome new life.

When petted she purrs with delight, so that we know that she will have no problem finding another person to enjoy her company. This time however, she will not be placed outside. She will have a loving home, with a caring family to enjoy the company of this special girl. Sleep well little cat that purrrfect person is just waiting for a new friend like you. Granny Kat, Norma

*Gracie has been pre-adopted! Congratulations Gracie!


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