New arrivals

March 24, 2015

Gweneth (female) 6/10/14Gweneth (female) 6/10/14

Saint Patrick’s Day brought us two new residents for our shelter. Connor was brought in because the homeowner who “rescued” him had two other cats that really were not impressed with Connor’s outgoing personality.

Gwyneth was brought into the shelter carried by a man of few words. “This cat came to my place, I don’t do cats.” He then handed the kitty to us and ambled out the door.

Soon both cats had their primary shots, and flea drops, followed by parasite control. Wednesday they were both tested and altered.

Connor suggested loudly that he did not belong in a cage, and wanted to join us right meow! We told him that when he was recovered after his neuter operation that he could go meet the other members already out on the floor in the room where his cage was located.

Connor was thrilled when we opened the door to his cage. He confidently jumped out and walked up to the biggest male in the room. Boots, who is extremely easy going, backed up a bit, and Connor jumped right up to the 16 pound orange kitty and softly smacked him in the face, wanting to play. Boots pulled back his paw ready to send this impudent teen across the room, when I rushed in and put the offender back in his cage. He looked sadly at me and said “None of these cats know how to play chase, or wrestle. I landed in an Old Cats’ home!”

Gwyneth gently tiptoed around the room, keeping her distance respectfully from the other adult cats on the floor. She settled down in a basket under the cages and took a catnap.

Connor stalked off to his bed, and flopped down for a long nap. He dreamed of a room that had teen cats that knew how to play, and not get upset about a few gentle smacks to the head.

Soon both of these pretty kitties will be in new homes, and purrs will replace the sad looks they now sport.

In the meantime, the large orange cat stretches out for another nap after a wee nibble of kibble, and shakes his head at the younger generation of cats that have no respect for their elders. Granny Kat, Norma

~ Update: Connor has been adopted but Gwyneth (photo above) is still available.


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