Tiny Kittens

September 07, 2015

Three weeks ago a feral mama cat gave birth to six lovely kittens. She had no home and looked for a safe place to have the kittens. Each time she would move the babies, predators would follow her, dogs barking, resident cats hissing, and people screaming and throwing things at her.

She would leave the kittens to gulp down some food, often dog kibble that was left outside. She did as good a job as she could at nursing and loving her family until she was under a house, and two dogs barked and threatened her.

The homeowner looked under the home, and discovered six small kittens. He knew they were too young to survive without mama so he took them inside.
“What to do now?” Calling several shelters and receiving no for an answer, he heard of Kitten Rescue. He drove many miles to Shelton from Belfair, arriving with the kittens in a carrier.

Had he called I would have said “No” we do not have any space, despite the fact that we had one small cage left in our office area. These kittens were under weight, covered with fleas, and just three weeks old. They were desperately trying to lick the top of an opened can of cheap cat wet food.

I knew that we were their only hope, and as much as I wanted to say “FORGET IT!” I could not abandon them. They needed a warm place to stay and appropriate food every four hours. Three of my wonderful volunteers sat down in the office and started the laborious work of teaching them to lap. The smallest one was in rough shape and she tried the hardest to learn.

The lapping lessons were followed up by syringes of KMR with expensive wet weaning food, made into a slurry and warmed. They gulped it down and fell into an exhausted sleep. Soon it would be 10 pm and then 4 am and with two good feedings in their small tummies they would feel much better. I need 28 hour days, as these 24 hour ones are just not long enough to get everything done!

Good Night sweet babies, you have reached a kitten haven.
Granny Kat, Norma

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