Dental work

January 15, 2016

Two years ago a pretty kitten, partly Siamese was born. He and his family were fed in their feral colony by one of our volunteers faithfully every day. Grayheart would thank the man by a quick rub against the man’s leg. However their colony was near a busy road, and one by one they were hit by cars and killed.

Soon there were just four kitties left. Grayheart was a year old and had never been picked up by a human before. The man brought a carrier and quickly picked up the cat and dropped the kitty in. Grayheart was so upset that he was bleeding when he was brought into one of our rescue rooms. With his rescuers help we made a special place for him on top of our tall cages. His litter was on one side and his food and bed on the other. Like many ferals he made friends with the room cats before he allowed anyone but his rescuer to pet him. In the last year he picked certain people and would ask for a pet. However he was still and always would be a semi feral kitty.

About a month ago we realized that he had some problems with his teeth, however, we knew that getting this kitty back in a carrier, (he was neutered when he arrived at the shelter), would be a challenge. Finally the day came when we could no longer ignore the problem, and we made the appointment with our vet.

I purchased a pair of leather gloves and got a very fluffy coat for the capturing of this pretty kitty. At the last minute the night before I sprayed a carrier with catnip, and the bedding with catnip too. I left the room, knowing that all the six residents would investigate the carrier.

When I went in this morning only two were in the carrier and one walked out. I peeked in and slammed the carrier door closed. Grayheart was placidly resting in the back of the carrier. We would not go through the trauma of capturing him.

I had been so scared and here was my miracle for the day! Grayheart is home from the vets, with several teeth pulled, an infection shot, a pain control medication, and happily napping. What a wonderful ending to what could have been a very bad day. Thank you Lord, Granny Kat, Norma

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