2016 Kitten Rescue Factoids

This last year went by so fast that it seemed to end in just a couple of months.  We broke all-time records with 594 adoptions of cats and kittens to wonderful homes.  Indoor only cats and kittens would this time have a long and safe life. 


Our low income grant was used to alter 242 cats so that they would be wonderful pets with no surprises to the families that were responsible and had their felines spayed and or neutered.  We have had this great program in place now for a number of years, and the amount of unwanted kittens from Mason County families declines every year.


Our Free Feral Fix and Release program was expanded this year by one of our volunteers.  She has a full time job, but still manages to feed and trap residents of six colonies so that they do not increase in number.  93 were altered by our vet and another 30 altered by another organization.  Another six colonies are cared for by community residents.

A donated travel trailer now will be used as a temporary home for ferals that were being fed by our counties families.  Often the residents are forced by lack of work in this area to move, leaving the colonies with no support.  Our volunteer not only traps and fixes feral cats, but also has developed a program to release some of them to protective barns or warehouse homes.  As we have learned more about trapping and altering feral cats, we purchased several new traps so that we could get more than one feral altered at a time.  Northwest Spay and Neuter, located in Tacoma has a transport motorhome and actually picks up several kitties from our area and delivers them back here the next day every other month.   Kittens that are caught by our residents when they are just a few weeks old make great family pets as long as they are young when we accept them into our shelter.  We provided 780 large bags of food at a cost of 8900.00 with the majority of the food used for our feral colonies and the rest for low income families with emergencies precluding them from being able to feed their own pets. 


Our wonderful garage sale volunteers held five garage sales and another volunteer headed up our annual bazaar.  Together they raised $35303.00 to help our shelter make ends meet. 


Donations increased this year and we were able to build a weather proof storage building so that we could safely remove supplies from buildings that were used as isolation areas.  I am proud to be a member of this extremely hard working crew of volunteers!  Norma Webber, Director of Kitten Rescue