2020 in Review

The Covid-19 pandemic put a strain on the entire world – and Kitten Rescue was no exception. The pandemic affected the number of volunteers able to work at the shelter, our ability to fundraise and our access to spay/neuter programs. It also dramatically affected our shelter procedures as we established safety guidelines for our volunteers and the community.

For the first time since the start of Kitten Rescue in 1999, we did not have open visitation hours. Because of the pandemic, we temporarily closed for adoptions, after which adoptions were made by appointment only. 
Despite that, we had yet another record-breaking year for adoptions. We adopted 705 kittens and cats in 2020, including 37 feral cats who were adopted as barn cats!

Low-Income Spay/Neuter Assistance and Feral Cat Programs
We were faced with the temporary suspension of spay/neuter operations at Northwest Spay & Neuter (NWSN). Although we continued to have our shelter kittens and cats altered at Shelton Vet, the suspension of operations at NWSN had a huge impact on our low-cost spay/neuter assistance program as well as our feral cat trap/neuter/release program. We were braced for a huge kitten season as a result of the limited spay/neuter availability.

Even with the limited spay/neuter operations, 102 feral community cats were fixed and returned to their homes to live out the rest of their lives. In addition, we provided spay/neuter financial assistance for 167 cats.

Typically most of our fundraising comes from five garage sales per year plus the annual Bazaar & Bake Sale. The pandemic had a significant impact since we had to cancel three of the five garage sales and the Bazaar & Bake Sale. However, our AWESOME community pitched in with donations to fill that gap, including donations of an estate bequest and stimulus money!

We held a new and fun fundraiser this year to also help make up the shortfall: The Honorary Kitten Sherriff contest. We chose a kitten from each litter we had in foster care and people voted on their favorite kitten at $1 per vote. It was a fun diversion from Covid-19 and brought in over $4,000 to help us bridge the gap.

New Buildings
In 2020 we received a generous donation to replace one of our travel trailers that housed up to 6 cats with two new buildings. One is now our medical and intake building and the other increased our capacity.

Fun Facts for 2020
Here’s just a sampling of what we used at the shelter:

  • 400 bags (6.000 pounds) of dry kitten and cat food for the shelter
  • 700 bags (12,000 pounds) of dry cat food for feral and community cats
  • 600 bags (15,000 pounds) of litter
  • 167 gallons of bleach