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Kitten & Cats Adopted 2022

Foster Fail

Paisley is a special needs cat with cerebellar dysplasia which effects her motor skills in being able to control the movement of her back legs. It is believed she has had it since birth. It doesn't seem to stop her whatsoever though. She climbs up and down on the shelves and tables in her room without any issues. She loves to run and play with toys and with her sister and loves to be petted. A home with carpets is preferred as she has trouble maneuvering on slick floors.

Paisley F 12202020 BONDED with Annie.jpg

Paisley (F 2020)

Paisley F 12-20-2020 BONDED with Annie.jpg
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DOB 09/30/2022

These four kittens (set in two pairs) were trapped and brought to the shelter from Little Creek Casino. They can be held but are just scared and shy and need a family who will be patient until they come out of their shells. They are waiting to be added to a family who will continue to care for them.




DOB 09/16/2022

This group of kittens is so much fun! They are all outgoing, energetic and full of kitten antics. All of them can be held. They love to play with toys and to wrestle with each other. Both pairs of kittens will bring lots of joy to any home and family.

Erin f.jpeg
Eli m .jpeg

This solid black beauty is one of the friendliest kitty's you'll probably ever have the pleasure of meeting. He is handsome and playful. He is currently dawning a spectacular dragon cut theway makes him look even MORE adorable. In time, he would be great with almost any feline, responsible children, and possibly dogs. This tabby beauty is a sweetheart once she gets to know you. She is curiously cautious but watches your interaction with her brother, Eli, and/or Reneé (who we lovingly call Goofy). Once she sees you're one of trust she'll stay to come out of her gorgeous little shell. In time, Erin could be great with almost any feline, responsible children, and possibly low-key, non-hyper dogs.

DOB 05/12/2022


Special Appointment Needed




DOB 07/27/2022

These two are very active and would love for someone to claim them as family members to be held and petted to their hearts content. They will show their appreciation with a bountiful supply of purrs and lots of kitten antics. Rudy came to us with a cloudy scarred right eye which has been thoroughly checked out by our vet. His cloudy eye doesn’t affect him or slow him down one bit. Won't you fill out an application to see one of these pairs of these adorable kittens.

This group of kittens was abandoned in a box along side the road. A kind man brought them to the Rescue and they were sent to foster care. The little gray kitten was added to the group from a storage unit on Hwy 101. They are all waiting to be added to a family who will continue to care for them.