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Adoption Fees

(cash or check only)

  • Kitten (under 6 months) $140 (two for $225) with Microchip

  • Teens (6-12 months) $95 (two for $150) with Microchip

  • Adults (over 12 months) $50 (two for $100) with Microchip

  • Purebred Cats and Kittens (Special Pricing by Breed) 

What is included in adoption fees:

  • Veterinarian Check

  • Spay or neuter surgery

  • Microchip for identification (performed during spay or neuter surgery)

  • De-worming

  • External parasite control (fleas, lice, ear mites)

  • Three vaccinations (depending on the age of your kitten, you may need to return to Kitten Rescue for the second and/or third vaccination(s) - which is included in the adoption price. You must make an appointment and you must bring your adoption paperwork with you)

  • Welcome package that includes

    • Snuggle blanket

    • Starter supply of the food your kitten or cat has been eating (it is best to transition to your own brand of food slowly to avoid digestive problems)

    • A comfort toy

    • Pet care counseling

  • Post adoption support (email any time or call us during our open hours if you have questions about your new cat or kitten)


To encourage a healthy adjustment period, return of your cat may be made up to 21 days for return of your the adoption fee. Returns (based on space availability) made after 21 days will not receive a refund of their adoption fee.


While each of the many hundreds of kitties we assist each year are a success of the heart, every one of them is a financial "loss." Our adoption fees do not cover our costs - they only help offset them. If you were to take a "free kitten", the vet costs you would incur would be between $350 and $500! We are able to have low adoption fees because of charitable donations, fundraising, lots of volunteer hours, and the discounted services we receive from the great people at Shelton Veterinary Hospital.

We very much hope your adoption experience with Kitten Rescue is a positive one.


If you would like to continue supporting us, we encourage you to explore other ways to get involved such as donating, volunteering, or becoming a foster care provider. 

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