Kitten Rescue of Mason County | Adoption procedures

Adoption Procedures

Kitten Rescue has two different seasons. Kittens are normally born in early spring.  January, February and March are the season when we have kittens from six months to a year, and also lovely adult cats. When inquiring about the adoption process  families wanting to add a cat to their home are told that the cat or kitten must be  an indoor only pet. The life span of an outdoor kitty usually is about a year. Indoor  outdoor cats, if lucky, can live for three years, and indoor only cats easily if there are no health problems live for 15 years. Our shelter’s cats have been unwanted and in many cases found abandoned. Our shelter and our foster homes spend hours with socialization, make sure that the feline has proper medical procedures, immunizations, internal external parasite control and altering so the cat cannot reproduce.

When looking at our website,, and you see a photo of a kitten that interests you, the first step is to email us at Tell us the kitten’s name you are interested in, your information: Name, Contact information, and a little about your home.

We will be able to tell you if there is a waiting list for this cat or kitten and approximately when it will be ready to go home.

The next step would then be for you to come to the shelter to meet your prospective friend and check out his/her personality and make sure it will be a good match for you.

If your cat or kitten needs to be spayed or neutered and there is no waiting list for it, you will fill out a pre-adoption form and will be able to adopt him when it is ready to go home.

If your cat or kitten is already spayed or neutered and does not have a waiting list, often you will be able to adopt him or her that day.

 We will discuss the foods the kitty has been eating and send home samples so that your new friend does not get an upset tummy from food changes. A carrier will be necessary for transportation.

If you have any questions, feel free to email