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Adult Cats

Over 1 year old

Please be sure to bring a pet carrier for your kitty's trip home.  We will not release our kitties without one (for safety reasons).

Did you find a kitten or two? If so, please fill out and submit the

ADOPTION INQUIRY FORM below for an appointment. 

We will contact you within 48 hours to be interviewed and to set-up  a visitation appointment for adoption.

Be sure to check out our Adoption Policies and Procedures before proceeding.



July 2021

Anita loves to explore, play, and be petted when she feels safe with you. She is still a little hesitant with new people, but once you gain her trust, she is your buddy. She should be the ONLY pet of the house, no other cats or dogs. She would thrive in an adult-only home or one with responsible teen(s) where people will take the time to gain her trust and help her thrive in her new home.

Luna (f)

Luna is a total love and so calm and "chill." She loves to hang out on the cat tree in the room, or bat some toys around the floor to entertain herself. If she has a human around she’ll happily seek pets. She seems to do fine with other cats on the floor, so with proper introductions, she may do well in a multi cat home. She’s looking for a home and family to call her own.


Gemini & Pisces

These sisters are about a year old and can be adopted together or separately.
*In foster care*


Meet Gemini; She's a playful sweetheart who effortlessly blends in with other feline friends. Ready to bring joy to your home! #AdoptGemini

Introducing Pisces, Gemini's sister! This sweet black and white beauty may be shy, but her love for play shines through. With patience, she'll flourish in a loving home. #AdoptPisces


Savannah (f) 

Meet Savannah, a female Torby with a heart full of love. She's a bit shy but adores playtime. As a caring mother to Rhino, Cheetah, Serval, Zebra, and Serval, she's ready to bring her sweetness to your home.  #AdoptSavannah

*In foster care*


George (m) 08/2020

Sweet and shy, this guy is looking for a new home! 


Fluffy (f) 

Special Birman adoption price of $200 


Silver (m) 

Special Siamese adoption price of $200


Brian (m) 

Brian is shy, but sweet. He would do better in a home without small children or dogs. 


Popcorn (f) 

Popcorn is an affectionate and playful young adult cat. She would make a great addition to any family! With slow and appropriate introductions, Popcorn would do well with others cats and possibly dogs. 

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