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Adult Cats

Over 1 year old

Please be sure to bring a pet carrier for your kitty's trip home.  We will not release our kitties without one (for safety reasons).

Did you find a kitten or two? If so, please fill out and submit the

ADOPTION INQUIRY FORM below for an appointment. 

We will contact you within 48 hours to be interviewed and to set-up  a visitation appointment for adoption.

Be sure to check out our Adoption Policies and Procedures before proceeding.


Lionel M 051921.jpeg


(May 2021)

Lionel is an amazing but SPICY young man. He's fine with one or two laid back kitties. Dogs not recommended. He needs a quite home with loving and patient humans, and it will probably take him a bit longer than most to get acclimated, but once he is he's so loving. He never bites nor scratches (not intentionally). If he's startled and your holding him, he will bolt to the nearest corner. For that reason, I strongly recommended his home to be calm adults only who enjoy a zen lifestyle.  When introducing him into your home, start small. Setup a small room, like a bathroom, then give him a few days while going in and spending quality time with him. He was just starting to get interested in playing for the first time, which is always a huge step in the right direction.  From there, try introducing him slowly to one room at a time. The catio seemed to scare him, he does not like the outdoors. I think Lionel looks at life the way I view a good surprise party; kind of scary at first but in the right company he's an amazing experience. 

Special Appointment Needed


(July 2021)

Anita came from an outdoor hoarding situation. She didn't have much human interaction, so her behavior is more on the defensive side (hence her nickname PeekaBoo). She was known throughout social media as the Catermelon due to how big she grew while pregnant. While in foster care, her shyness went completely away. She was sweet, outgoing, a complete lover, until one day when she jumped from one platform to another but had miscalculated the distance and knocked herself in the face breaking two of her teeth. Under the care of her chosen human, I'm confident this beautiful tabby will return to her previous sweetness, it will just take time and a bit of patience for her to build up trust, but once that bond is established, you'll have a friend for life. She should be the ONLY fur-baby of the house, no other cats or dogs. She would thrive in an adult-only home or one with responsible teen(s).

evie update-DeNoiseAI-standard.jpg


May 2021

Evie is a great companion cat! She enjoys hanging out in her room with the volunteers and getting pets. She also enjoys hanging out with some of the kittens in the room, and thanks to them, has learned to play more. She loves hiding in tunnel toys. She can be held for short stints but isn’t really happy with that or laps. She has her favorite spots for napping and watching out the window when she isn’t seeking out pets or playing. If she is having a really good nap you will know - she snores. She should have a home with patient people and no small children. It took her quite a while to truly be comfortable at the rescue so it is strongly suggested she have a quiet spot out of traffic flow (preferable with a window view) to call her own as she gets used to her new environment and family. If you are looking for a quiet companion rather than a lap cat, Evie is your gal - she is wonderful company!

Muffin f 2.jpeg

Special Appointment Needed


July 2021

Oh Hold


Jasmine (f)

(October 2020)

Sweet Jasmine gave birth to 8 kittens in foster care. She did a wonderful job raising them and is now ready for her forever home. She will need to be in a home without other cats as she has been exposed to the virus that can cause FIP. She is young enough to still be playful and is a very affectionate kitty.

Special needs



Lily (Liliana) and Missy (Lanya)


These two sweet girls were returned to the shelter for being overly stressed by the birth of a baby in the household. They are very sweet and would enjoy a calm, quiet home without young children.

spanky a.jpg


Feb 2022

Special Appointment Needed

Spanky is a big boy with a big personality. His long beautiful fur was trimmed shortly after being surrendered because it was full of mats. He is affectionate and playful but sometimes can be a little rough. He does not like other cats and is not a good fit for homes with children.

michelle 2.jpg

Feb 2022

Michelle is a wonderful girl who loves to be petted and to explore her surroundings. We are still learning about her personality as she is still relatively new with us, however she is definitely comfortable around people.



Oct 2014

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This lovely gal is grieving the loss of her owner. When she first arrived,She originally totally she would hide under the blankets but now loves to be out and about to receive pets and play. This gal is looking for a quiet home with an understanding, patient family and no other pets or children.



Feb 2021

This fluffy girl loves to snuggle, explore, and play. She loves lap time, but hates having to get off your lap. She should be in a home without children or other cats.

Calea f Jul 2018.jpg


July 2018

Calea is a beautiful girl who is still grieving at the loss of her owner. She has slowly been coming out of her shell and starting to explore and hang out in the open (as opposed to hiding in a corner). She enjoys being petted and loves stuffed mice. She will need a quiet home with patient people and preferably with no children or dogs. As she gets used to her new surroundings, a small space out of normal traffic flows to call her own is recommended.



Feb 2018

Rocky is a very sweet boy. Rocky likes the occasional brushing but will walk away when he is done. Is very friendly and easily adapted to having new people in his life. He needs a home without other kitties or small children.


Feb 2018


Princess is very sweet. She is pretty fast at getting used to new people, likes to be brushed and cuddled, loves attention. Tony is shy and it takes awhile for him to get to know you. He can be petted and held, but give him time to warm up. Tony is very loveable once he gets to know you. No big dogs or small children recommended.

big boy bob.jpg

Big Boy Bob


This big guy is a big ol' softy! He is so sweet. We do not know how he is with other animals but he loves people.

Chrissy (female) 12/24/12

Special needs

This senior gal loves to snuggle - she’ll do it for hours if you let her. She plays a little, likes to explore a little, and when she naps she is a very sound sleeper and doesn’t wake-up easily. She also will need to be monotored for pain as she was diagnosed with spondylosis. She does get around pretty well but this is a degenerative disease. Chrissy would make a phenomenal companion to an elderly person/couple or be a loving addition to a family with no young children or other pets, please.


Winston and Juan

These boys are so very sweet! They were very quiet when they came into the shelter and Juan is still on the hesitant side but they will blossom in a home with a loving family. They both enjoy pets and Winston's favorite toy is a stuffed mouse.


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