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Leah F

Leah (F 2019)

Leah is a sweet girl who can be a little shy depending on how much is going on around her. She is getting more and more used to activity around her and, as time goes by, is less prone to hiding. She loves to come out to get lots of pets, watch the world go by outside her window, and is now loves to explore when she is given floor time. She would do best in a quieter home with a patient family who does not have small children or dogs. She needs an area set up somewhere out of the household traffic flow so she has a safe spot to call her own as she adjusts to her new home.

Paisley and Annie are a bonded pair. Paisley is a special needs cat with cerebellar dysplasia which effects her motor skills in being able to control the movement of her back legs. It is believed she has had it since birth. It doesn't seem to stop her whatsoever though. She climbs up and down on the shelves and tables in her room without any issues. She loves to run and play with toys and with her sister and loves to be petted. A home with carpets is preferred as she has trouble maneuvering on slick floors. Annie is a little more reserved than Paisley, but can be petted once you gain her trust. She also likes to play with toys and run around. She and Paisley need to start out in a quiet home without small children or any other animals where they will be given a safe environment in which they can grow and blossom with their new family.

Paisley F 12202020 BONDED with Annie.jpg
Paisley F 12-20-2020 BONDED with Annie.jpg

Annie (F 2020)


Paisley (F 2020)

Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy (M 2018)

Tommy boy was abandoned on Kitten Rescue property. He is a very sweet, shy boy who loves to be petted. He is finally getting brave enough to come out of his cage and hang out on the cat tree when it is quiet in his room. He will also grudgingly let you pick him up and snuggle with him, and is getting more used to it with time. He needs a quiet home by himself (without other pets or very young children). A family who will patiently work with him as he adjusts to them and his new surroundings.

Lionel (M 5/2021)

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Lionel is an amazing but SPICY young man. He's fine with one or two laid back kitties. Dogs not recommended. He needs a quite home with loving and patient humans, and it will probably take him a bit longer than most to get acclimated, but once he is he's so loving. He never bites nor scratches (not intentionally). If he's startled and your holding him, he will bolt to the nearest corner. For that reason, I strongly recommended his home to be calm adults only who enjoy a zen lifestyle.  When introducing him into your home, start small. Setup a small room, like a bathroom, then give him a few days while going in and spending quality time with him. He was just starting to get interested in playing for the first time, which is always a huge step in the right direction.  From there, try introducing him slowly to one room at a time. The catio seemed to scare him, he does not like the outdoors. I think Lionel looks at life the way I view a good surprise party; kind of scary at first but in the right company he's an amazing experience. 

Lionel M 051921.jpeg
Lionel M 05.19.21.jpeg

Falease (F 2018)

Falease and some other cats were abandoned in an open cage on KR property one night in the rain. She is a sweet girl who likes to explore, loves to be petted, can be held, and loves lap snuggles. She is looking for a permanent forever home with people to love and play with her. Falease may be able to be in a multi-cat household with a proper introduction period as she has been interested in multiple of her building mates


Tocho (M 2020)

Tocho is a great boy who loves to be petted. His true personality is still emerging as he gets used to being at the rescue. He needs a home without a lot of people coming and going, and no dogs or small children. Excessive activity/people seems to spook him.

tocho 1.26.20.jpg

Shellie (F 2020)

Shellie is a sweet and affectionate kitty who loves to play, explore, and get lots of attention from humans. She needs a home with no other cats where she would be able to roam and have lots of human companionship. She has been waiting patiently for her perfect furrever home.

Sir Sheriff Marshmallow

(M 2019)

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Sir Sheriff Marshmellow is currently a shy boy who is still adjusting to life at the rescue. What we know so far is that he loves to be petted. Loud noises can make him hide. If he trusts you and you are slow and careful, he will let you pick him and his bed up and put them on your lap. He appears to truly love lap snuggles. He will do best in a quieter household without small children. With a family who will give him a quiet, safe space and take the time to introduce him to his new surroundings and work with him to help him adjust and blossom.

Sir Sheriff Marshmellow M 2019.jpg
Sir Seriff Marshmellow M 2019.jpg
Seraphina F 05.07.21 BONDED WITH SERENDIPITY .jpg
seraphina 5.7.21 bonded with serendipity.jpg

Serendipity is a very outgoing little girl who loves attention. Her sister, Serafina, is more reserved but getting more outgoing with time and will allow you to pet her if you move slowly. Both girls like to play together, can be pick up but not necessarily held for a long period of time, love to explore their surroundings, watch the world go by outside, and would like a quiet home with older kids and no other pets.

Serendipity  F 05.07.21 BONDED WITH SERAPHINA..jpg
serendipity 5.7.21 bonded with serafina.jpg


(F 5/2021)



(F 5/2021)


Karen (F 3/2021)

Karen was a very young mother. Until recently, she has been a loner who enjoys her afternoon naps and a pet or two. However, recently she has started to play with toys and has taken an interest in what is going on around her. Karen has discovered that exploring the room when she is given floor time is lots of fun. She is also enjoying being petted more, as long is she is in her safe space (currently her bed). She is looking for a home where she can be her own self with people who will be understanding and patient.

Noah M..jpg
Noah M .jpg


Noah (M 1/2021)

Noah came to us in a non-aggressive feral state with no trust of humans. Over time, a few of us have been working with him and we have turned him from "the dark side". He can't get enough of playing with toys. Noah now loves being petted, asks for it when you walk into his room, and gives you his wait come back I'm not done yet "puppy dog" eyes when you leave. As he comes to trusts you, he will even let you pick him up where he will snuggle into your neck or you can place him on your lap for snuggle time (with time he might learn to jump up himself), however loud sounds still spook him so he jumps back into his cage for safety. Noah needs a special person/family who will continue to work with him and give him the chance to continue to blossom. He needs a home without young children and dogs.

simon 5.12.14.jpg

Simon (M 2014)

Simon is a quiet guy who is just starting to become his own self. He came in with a female, but it turns out she doesn't like other cats, including him, so they were separated. He is a little shy, however he is starting to come out of his shell and he loves to be petted and purrs his appreciation. His favorite pastime when not with a human is watching the world outside his new window. He will do best in a quiet home with no other cats so he can blossom without fear.

Linnea (F 2020)

Special Needs

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Linnea likes to play and be petted, especially when a human dangles fishing pole type toys.  It turns out she also loves curling up in a lap, although you may have to pick her up and put her there. If she trusts you, she can also be held and will happily snuggle up in your arms for awhile. She can have a playful nip when being petted. She needs a family who can patiently and gently work with her to correct her behavior without scolding or hitting her Usually, just blowing on her or a gentle "no" works. She does not  like other cats so her best furrever home would be an adults only home without kids or pets. Linnea has a medical condition where she needs to be given a  dose of Miralax twice a day by syringe to help her have bowel movements.

Linnea F 07122020.jpg

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