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Bubblegum F 08.01.19'Bubblegum F 08.01.19'

Bubblegum (F 08/01/2019)


Kay F 03.25.2018.Kay F 03.25.2018.

Kay (F 03/25/2018)




Sir Paul M 08/26/2020Sir Paul M 08/26/2020

Sir Paul (M 08/26/2020) 

Recovering from a broken leg.


Velcro F  2013Velcro F 2013

Velcro (F 04/07/2013)


Miss Velcro, is looking for someone who will continue working with her so that she might lose her unneeded weight. She is on a special diet here at Kitten Rescue and has already lost several pounds . She would need to be an only cat as her diet is limited. It's hard for her to even walk as she is extremely overweight, but she is so very sweet and loves to play. She needs a forever home with a single person who would monitor her feeding and help her get some much needed exercise in playtime. Can you please help her on her journey to achieving a more normal weight, and to truly love her, if you are her special person, you can meet her at Kitten Rescue.







Shellie F 05.13.2020Shellie F 05.13.2020

Shellie (F 05/13/2020)

Shellie is an exceptional kitty who has learned to be vocal when she wants something. She is still young, and energetic but needs to be an only cat. She appears to tolerate the canine persuasion well.

Shellie purrfers to sleep best on a soft, open dog bed on floor level. She needs a quiet environment and her own space. Shellie is very loving but doesn't seem to like being held (she’s more of an ankle-snake) though she’s happy to sit next to you on the couch for a few minutes before she's off on her next toy-playing adventure!

She needs a loving home who will give her the stability she has never had.



Kiara F 08.23.20Kiara F 08.23.20


Kiara (F 08/23/2020)

Kiara is a sweet lady who loves to be petted. She is a little apprehensive to new surroundings but is sure to warm up to her new home and be a loving addition to any family.






We, at Kitten Rescue, believe in indoor only homes but there are some cats that have lived their whole lives outside. Making them stay inside when they are truly wanting to get outside seems cruel. The cats listed below came from living outside. Some have adjusted to being inside and might want to stay in the safety our their new home.

We do ask that you give them time (2 months or longer) to adjust to your family and their new indoor environment to ensure that they will come back for food and companionship with their family before letting them outside to roam.




Charmy F 12.31.2018,Charmy F 12.31.2018,

Charmy F 12.31.2018.Charmy F 12.31.2018.


Charmy (F 12/31/2018)

Charmy was an outside cat. When the weather got extremely hot this year, the lady brought her into her garage and found her to be shy but very affectionate. Charmy needs a quiet home to be herself and a companion to whoever adopts her. Eventually, she could be an indoor/outdoor cat after she warms up and settles into her new home.







Tabitha (F 3/18/2020)



Tabitha is a mama kitty looking for a home with someone to love her. She is very adventuresome and loves to be petted and shown affection.