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Dugan M 11/05/2018 Quiet Home. no young kids or dogs.Dugan M 11/05/2018 Quiet Home. no young kids or dogs.

Dugan (M 11/05/2018) 

Dugan came in with several other cats from a feral colony in Tumwater. He loves attention and lap time - he has developed into a real snuggle bunny who seems to crave attention and play. He loves to chase toys across the floor. He would maybe even be good with an older child if they are nice, and he gets along fine with other cats so I don't think that would be a problem - he'd probably love a play mate cat. NO DOGS PLEASE!


Clovis (M 2018)

Clovis was trapped from a feral colony with several others cats but has turned out to be a very shy, quiet gentleman. Although shy at first, once he becomes familiar with you, he seeks out your company so he can enjoy some pets and snuggle lap time. Clovis needs a quiet laid back home and would make the right person a companionable lap cat. NO KIDS OR OTHER PETS!


Savannah F 1/18/20 teen kids no pets healing broken tail.Savannah F 1/18/20 teen kids no pets healing broken tail.

Savannah (F 01/18/2020)

Savannah is a very affectionate and outgoing cat that was found downtown Shelton alone and brought to our shelter with a broken tail as a result of a very severe bite. Her tail has healed nicely. She enjoys playing with toys and people. She is still getting the hang of lap time. She will jump up your lap when prompted, but doesn't understand she can lay down and snuggle. She stays standing to receive her pets. You can pick her up, but it isn't her favorite thing - she usually squawks at it but doesn't fight (course it could be that most times she is picked up, she is put back in her cage and the door shut, so I can't say I blame her). She needs a home with older children and would prefer no other pets.


Terra (F 03/07/2020)

Terra is a very shy cat who was caught in a trap and brought to the shelter. Although she is shy and hides, she rolls over in her cage and purrs while being petted. She likes to be held and petted and will do a short stint of lap time if you set her in it. Although still a bit shy, she no longer hides (the towels are off her cage.) She has been enjoying exploring the building by herself while the other cats are in the cateo. She is waiting for the right person to adopt her and patiently work with her to come out of her shell. Teenage kids only and NO other pets.




Mr. Munch (M 06/24/2020)

Sassy (F 09/14/2018)

These two were raised by elderly siblings. When the sister passed, the gentleman needed to move into an assisted living home and could not take his cats. Mr. Munch likes playing with balls rolling across the floor.  Once a human gets him going, he plays for a bit. These two are bonded and would enjoy another home with an older couple where they would be loved.


Snowball F 06/14/20 BONDED with BanditaSnowball F 06/14/20 BONDED with Bandita

Bandita F 04/10/2019 BONDED with SnowballBandita F 04/10/2019 BONDED with Snowball



Bandita (F 04/10/2019)
Snowball (Teen F 06/14/2020)

Bandita was brought in with Snowball from one of the many colonies of cats that are around Shelton. Both are friendly and love being petted. Bandita is the more "outgoing" of the two although Snowball will come if you offer her a toy to play with. These two are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. Adoption to a quiet home with no other pets or young children.


Teagan F 01/11/20 Shy warming up.Teagan F 01/11/20 Shy warming up.


Teagan (F DOB 01/11/2020)

Teagan was trapped in January and brought to the shelter with three siblings. They were all semi-feral and the three brothers were adopted as barn cats. Teagan has since been turned to the bright side of human contact. She enjoys being petted and rubbed, being held and lap time is hopefully in her future with the right person. She will be adopted to a quiet home without any pets or children.


Taylor M 09/20/2018Taylor M 09/20/2018 Taylor (M 09/20/2018)

Taylor came from Colony Surf area in Lilliwaup as a stray. Nothing is known about his background but he is a very affectionate kitty. Occasionally, he chooses to have quiet times to himself rather than be fussed over. He is a polydactyl and seems a bit sensitive about having his feet touched. Nothing aggressive, he just withdraws from contact for a short time then comes back for more attention. This could also be that he is still getting used to his place at the shelter. He is looking forward to having a place to roam.