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Velcro F  2013Velcro F 2013

Velcro (F 04/07/2013)

Miss Velcro, is looking for someone who will continue working with her so that she might lose her unneeded weight. She is on a special diet here at Kitten Rescue and has already lost several pounds . She would need to be an only cat as her diet is limited. It's hard for her to even walk as she is extremely overweight, but she is so very sweet and loves to play. She needs a forever home with a single person who would monitor her feeding and help her get some much needed exercise in playtime. Can you please help her on her journey to achieving a more normal weight, and to truly love her, if you are her special person, you can meet her at Kitten Rescue



Gretchen F 04/15/2019 1Gretchen F 04/15/2019 1

Gretchen F 04/15/2019 2Gretchen F 04/15/2019 2



Gretchen (F 04/15/2019)

Gretchen is a very affectionate mama kitty. She excepted an orphan baby as is she was her own. She enjoys playing with toys and receiving pets from the volunteers when they are cleaning her cage. She also loves to snuggle in your lap. Gretchen would make a wonderful addition to a family who is looking for a loving addition to their family.




Jenny F 05/28/2020Jenny F 05/28/2020

Jenny (F 05/28/2020)

Jenny was brought to us with four babies from an outside colony. She is a shy buy friendly cat that would do good in a quiet home without other pets or small children as loud noises scare her. She acts almost kitten-like when she plays with stuffed toys and mice.





Selena F 02/25/2018+Selena F 02/25/2018+


Selena (F 02/25/2020)

Selena was brought to the shelter by a very nice homeless lady that was concerned because her hair was falling out on her body. The vet has said she is free of fleas and doesn't have any skin condition. It is probably stress related and over grooming.  Selena's hair is growing in nicely and it is so soft. She loves to be petted and totally gets into lap snuggling. She doesn't mind being held as log as she has been allowed to explore her surroundings first. Selena is looking for a quiet home with older children or no other pets. She is a very loving and cuddly kitty that will be a good companion to the right person.




Tiger F 04/12/2019 Pic#2Tiger F 04/12/2019 Pic#2 Tiger F 04/12/2019Tiger F 04/12/2019

Tiger (F 04/12/2019)

Tiger is a sweet talkative kitty that loves all the attention she can get. She tends to be jealous of other cats when wanting attention so an only cat home would probably be best. She sometimes plays rough but is learning it is not acceptable behavior. She doesn't quite get the hint that sitting on you lap means more snuggles but we are working on that.


Loki F 01/14/2013Loki F 01/14/2013 Loki F 01/14/2013 Pic#2Loki F 01/14/2013 Pic#2

Loki (F 01/14/2013)

Loki came to us from a gentleman that has been fighting cancer for the last several years.  This last bout has been the worst and he was no longer able to care for her. She needs the love a quiet family to call her own. She is getting less shy each day and will warm up to you if you are patient. She is very much likes to snuggle in your lap and loves to be petted; however, she is still a bit skittish of quick movements. She plays a bit with balls. As she gets more familiar with her new surrounding, she is coming out and exploring more.


Dutchess F 12/24/2018Dutchess F 12/24/2018

Dutchess F 12/24/2018Dutchess F 12/24/2018

Dutchess (F 12/24/2018)

Dutchess is a loving kitty. She enjoys being petted and getting attention. She doesn't like being held for long though. would love a family to call her own who would let her blossom in her new home. 







We, at Kitten Rescue, believe in indoor only homes but there are some cats that have lived their whole lives outside. Making them stay inside when they are truly wanting to get outside seems cruel. The cats listed below came from living outside. Some have adjusted to being inside but you can see in their eyes that they long to be outside roaming.

We do ask that you give them time (2 months or longer) to adjust to your family and their new indoor environment to ensure that they will come back for food and companionship with their family before letting them outside to roam.


Maximus MMaximus M


Maximus (M 06/23/2020)

Maximus was one of the cats abandoned at the entrance to Kitten Rescue. He is a total love bug - loves to be petted and likes brushing.  He rolls all over inside the cage and will bonk his head against mine.  He may be shy at first with a stranger, but could be a very wonderful cat for someone.  Needs a home with patience and love, no small children (due to his shyness, not aggressive at all), no other pets. 


Clovis M 2018Clovis M 2018

Clovis MClovis M


Clovis (M 2018)

Clovis was trapped from a feral colony with several others cats. Although shy at first, he has become quite the snuggler and seems to really enjoy human company. He will not jump in your lap but if you place him there, he will happily curl up for some lovin'. He enjoys playing with balls but does not try to retrieve them if he swats them under something. He also enjoys spending time in the enclosed outside catio attached to his building. Clovis is a quiet laid back cat who needs a home with the same. NO KIDS! He seems to get along with other cats as long as they are properly introduced and not aggressive.



Charmy F 12/24/2018Charmy F 12/24/2018


Charmy (F 12/31/2018)

Charmy was an outside cat. When the weather got extremely hot this year, the lady brought her into her garage and found her to be shy but very affectionate. Charmy needs a quiet home to be herself and a companion to whoever adopts her. Eventually, she could be an indoor/outdoor cat after she warms up and settles into her new home.


Karelle (F 08/31/2019)

Karrell has made really great progress - I can pet her, pick her up, and even had her on my lap the other day - no kids as she is temperamental - but she is ok with Cello and Gratitude all morning no problem - so maybe ok with other cats.  She still needs someone to move slow and tell her no and just turn and walk away if she starts to scratch.  She loves attention, and that inspires her to be good girl.


Tabitha F 03/18/2020 1Tabitha F 03/18/2020 1

Tabitha F 03/18/2020 2Tabitha F 03/18/2020 2

Tabitha F 03/18/2020 3Tabitha F 03/18/2020 3

Tabitha (F 03/18/2020)

Tabitha is a mama kitty looking for a home with someone to love her. She is very adventuresome and loves to be petted and shown affection.