Available Teenage Kittens 


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Bindi F 07.08.21Bindi F 07.08.21

Bindi (F 07/08/21)



BettyMae F 07.08.21BettyMae F 07.08.21

BettyMae (F 07/08/21)



Mason M 04,15,21Mason M 04,15,21 Mason M 04.15.21Mason M 04.15.21

Mason (M 04/15/2021)

Mason is a very sweet tempered kitty but a little shy.  He has one eye that looks a little different, but he has been checked by a veterinarian. His eye was injured by something which has left him slightly blind on that side.  Mason needs a quiet indoor only home with no small children or dogs, he may get along ok with another cat.  He loves to play with his toys and seems to really enjoy being petted and snuggled once he gets to know you and comes out of his shell.  Mason will make a wonderful loving companion he just needs a special person or quiet family to give him a chance.


Julianna F 08.19.21Julianna F 08.19.21

Julianna F 08.19.21,Julianna F 08.19.21,

Julianna (F 08/19/2021)

Julianna is somewhat shy. She likes being petted, but she doesn't necessarily come to you for it. She is getting more outgoing as she gets used to her surroundings and the volunteers who care for her. She is looking for a quiet home with a family who will be patient and understanding and is willing to work with her as she gets used to them. Small children are probably not a good idea.




Miss Tiger Woods F 07.19.21    Vet tested - FIP Exposed.Miss Tiger Woods F 07.19.21 Vet tested - FIP Exposed.

Miss Tiger Woods (F 07/19/2021)


Miss Tiger Woods was found on a golf course and the lady thought she was male, thus the name. She has come a long way from the shy girl she was when she arrived. Now she is much more outgoing, loves attention, and her toys. She also likes to be held and snuggled. NO Kids under 10 years old please

She has been tested twice and both times has come back with being Feline Intestinal Peritonitis (FIP) exposed. As this is usually fatal when it mutates into its full form, being exposed means there is a "possibility" of getting it, but the kitten could live years before that "might" happen. For more information, please research FIP on-line.

We would like to give her a chance to enjoy life without cutting it short. We ask that she go to a home to be an ONLY PET or with other pets that have been exposed/have FIP!