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Anica F 10/28/20Anica F 10/28/20

Anica F 10/28/2020Anica F 10/28/2020

Anica F 10/28/2020 PAIRED with JoyceAnica F 10/28/2020 PAIRED with Joyce

Anica (10/28/20) PAIRED with Joyce 

Anica is a shy kitten who is coming out of her shell more and more each day. She allows us to pet her on a regular basis as long as we approach her quietly and slowly. At times she even "asks" for pets with her quiet meow. She likes to explore, climb cat towers, and will play by herself or with other cats. Mice are her favorite toys, although running after balls works for her too. She came from the home of an elderly couple and didn't get much interaction. She would love a home with a family who will give her time and lots of love and attention to help her adjust to new surroundings. She will need a quiet safe space to call her own as she gets used to her new family and the noises of her new home.