Kitten Rescue of Mason County | Barn Cat Program

Adopt a Barn Cat and save a life!

Our goal is to humanely prevent free roaming cats from uncontrolled breeding. This is a major source of homeless kittens and adult cats winding up in shelters. Adopting a feral or semi-feral cat as a barn, shop, or warehouse cat is a practical alternative to euthanasia. By giving these cats a place to live, they will in return work as a team diligently and effectively to keep your rodent population down. Adopting 2 or more is recommended. Cats in groups can alert each other to danger from approaching predators and keep each other company.

Requirements from owners: Shelter indoors of some type- a clutter free environment- food daily- fresh water daily- Once my food source runs out, I need to stay healthy to continue my work. Contrary to popular belief, keeping a cat hungry does not mean it will hunt more. A well-fed cat will hunt for entertainment and catch more prey than a hungry cat. 

The cats will need a brief period of adjustment. Secure confinement is necessary for a short time. 

This program is supported by Kitten Rescue of Mason County

For more information, please call Deedre Sigmond at 360-490-5627 

Please leave a message and she will contact you within 24 hours.

You can also email Dee at

Available Cats 

Ray AnneFemale, 8 mo old Baby GFemale, 2 years old

CeliaFemale, 1 year old Little One (female) 3/4/17Little One (female) 3/4/17

Portia (female) 3/4/17Portia (female) 3/4/17Portia Wilde (female) 8/20/17Wilde (female) 8/20/17

Wilder (male) 8/20/17Wilder (male) 8/20/17