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Adopt a Barn Cat & Save a Life

Our goal is to humanely prevent free roaming cats from uncontrolled breeding. This is a major source of homeless kittens and adult cats winding up in shelters. Adopting a feral or semi-feral cat as a barn, shop, or warehouse cat is a practical alternative to euthanasia.


By giving these cats a place to live, they will in return work as a team to diligently and effectively keep your rodent population down. Adopting two or more is recommended. Cats in groups can alert each other to danger from approaching predators and keep each other company.

Requirements from owners: Shelter indoors of some type, a clutter free environment, and food and fresh water daily. Contrary to popular belief, keeping a cat hungry does not mean it will hunt more. A well-fed cat will hunt for entertainment and catch more prey than a hungry cat. 

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