Dental work

January 15, 2016

Two years ago a pretty kitten, partly Siamese was born. He and his family were fed in their feral colony by one of our volunteers faithfully every day. Grayheart would thank the man by a quick rub against the man’s leg. However their colony was near a busy road, and one by one they were hit by cars and killed.

Soon there were just four kitties left. Grayheart was a year old and had never been picked up by a human before. The man brought a carrier and quickly picked up the cat and dropped the kitty in. Grayheart was so upset that he was bleeding when he was brought into one of our rescue rooms. With his rescuers help we made a special place for him on top of our tall cages. His litter was on one side and his food and bed on the other. Like many ferals he made friends with the room cats before he allowed anyone but his rescuer to pet him. In the last year he picked certain people and would ask for a pet. However he was still and always would be a semi feral kitty.

About a month ago we realized that he had some problems with his teeth, however, we knew that getting this kitty back in a carrier, (he was neutered when he arrived at the shelter), would be a challenge. Finally the day came when we could no longer ignore the problem, and we made the appointment with our vet.

I purchased a pair of leather gloves and got a very fluffy coat for the capturing of this pretty kitty. At the last minute the night before I sprayed a carrier with catnip, and the bedding with catnip too. I left the room, knowing that all the six residents would investigate the carrier.

When I went in this morning only two were in the carrier and one walked out. I peeked in and slammed the carrier door closed. Grayheart was placidly resting in the back of the carrier. We would not go through the trauma of capturing him.

I had been so scared and here was my miracle for the day! Grayheart is home from the vets, with several teeth pulled, an infection shot, a pain control medication, and happily napping. What a wonderful ending to what could have been a very bad day. Thank you Lord, Granny Kat, Norma


November 14, 2015

Greetings to all of the fans of Kitten Rescue of Mason County and those of you who are considering offering a forever home to a new kitty member of your family! Those of us at Kitten Rescue of Mason County are wishing you a wonderful holiday season! Our annual calendars are available and they are especially cute this year. My Mom has ordered an extra one to give as a Christmas present to a friend, they are great to give and receive! Our Christmas Bazaar and Bake Sale featuring handcrafted items will take place the first Saturday in December, we hope to see you there!


If you are considering the possibility of adding a kitty to your household, adoption from Kitten Rescue of Mason County is a wonderful way to go. All of our kitties receive personal attention to their needs from the time they enter our doors until they are carefully placed in your kennel to take with you. Now is a great time to adopt from Kitten Rescue of Mason County if you are interested in an indoor only kitty.

Kittens:Kittens are wonderful, fun, frolicsome additions to our homes. We have several kittens not yet ready for adoption, some that need to be spayed or neutered before adoption.  Please check the website frequently to see when a “coming attraction” kitty moves to the “bouncing babies” section. It doesn’t hurt to email us using the contact button to tell us you are interested in a kitten listed as “coming attraction” we just won’t list the kitten as “pre-adopted” until they are moved to “bouncing babies.”

Paired Kitties:Adopting pairs are a great way to have two cats in your household (kitties do like to have a buddy) without having to go through introducing unfamiliar cats and going through what can be a weeks to month long transition process (assuming you have no other animals). We have several paired kittens and cats available for adoption, they are already “buddied up” and ready to roll.

Shy or Special Needs Kitties:If you are someone who is an experienced kitty friend/owner and have patience, adopting a shy or special needs young adult or simply adoption an adult is very rewarding option… you will hold a very special place in our hearts. I cannot tell you how many times I come across a “shy” adult who, after warming up to me, will grace my lap or come up for a caress and ask for attention, but I know if someone they don’t already know visits the shelter  they often won’t show off this gentle, loving, affectionate side in the typical 10 minute visit. So, these wonderful kitties wait. Right now we have several “shy” young adults who have been coming along nicely in terms of learning to seek and receive affection. All they need is someone who is willing to be patient and calm, who understands it may take them a little longer to adjust to their forever home. These kitties all have the potential to be a wonderful companion pet… perhaps more so because they’ll gain the confidence of having their OWN forever home and their OWN person. It’s quite possible you’ll see a blossoming personality before your very eyes.

What if you can’t adopt, but love kitties?:If you love cats, but your circumstances do not permit you to offer a forever home, we can always use volunteers up at Kitten Rescue of Mason County. Anyone who is interested in volunteering can email us through the website at of your interest with your contact information and we shall let you know all of the details. Volunteering can mean many different things, depending upon your interests, your abilities, and time available. We have volunteers who volunteer a few hours once per week, volunteers who help with fundraising events like our Garage Sales and annual Christmas Bazaar, people who donate things to sell at our Garage Sale and people who handcraft homemade items for the Annual Christmas Bazaar and Bakesale.

Part-time Volunteer Cat Whisperer

Tiny Kittens

September 07, 2015

Three weeks ago a feral mama cat gave birth to six lovely kittens. She had no home and looked for a safe place to have the kittens. Each time she would move the babies, predators would follow her, dogs barking, resident cats hissing, and people screaming and throwing things at her.

She would leave the kittens to gulp down some food, often dog kibble that was left outside. She did as good a job as she could at nursing and loving her family until she was under a house, and two dogs barked and threatened her.

The homeowner looked under the home, and discovered six small kittens. He knew they were too young to survive without mama so he took them inside.
“What to do now?” Calling several shelters and receiving no for an answer, he heard of Kitten Rescue. He drove many miles to Shelton from Belfair, arriving with the kittens in a carrier.

Had he called I would have said “No” we do not have any space, despite the fact that we had one small cage left in our office area. These kittens were under weight, covered with fleas, and just three weeks old. They were desperately trying to lick the top of an opened can of cheap cat wet food.

I knew that we were their only hope, and as much as I wanted to say “FORGET IT!” I could not abandon them. They needed a warm place to stay and appropriate food every four hours. Three of my wonderful volunteers sat down in the office and started the laborious work of teaching them to lap. The smallest one was in rough shape and she tried the hardest to learn.

The lapping lessons were followed up by syringes of KMR with expensive wet weaning food, made into a slurry and warmed. They gulped it down and fell into an exhausted sleep. Soon it would be 10 pm and then 4 am and with two good feedings in their small tummies they would feel much better. I need 28 hour days, as these 24 hour ones are just not long enough to get everything done!

Good Night sweet babies, you have reached a kitten haven.
Granny Kat, Norma

July Garage Sale

July 05, 2015

Nothing like a mother's love

April 23, 2015


Last year at this same time we had several small kittens, ages about two weeks. Round the clock feeding, cleaning them, had us all really tired as we played mama cat.
The ideal is a real mama kitty that provides 24 hour love and care to her babies.
The down side will be finding homes for all of our mama cats, except the ones that will be returned to their owners.
Soon the small rescues will start coming in again, we can't place them with our nursing mama's because of the possibility of disease transmission.
Although we give lots of love to our rescues, we never ever do as good a job as our mama cats!

Granny Kat, Norma

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