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Two years ago a pretty kitten, partly Siamese was born. He and his family were fed in their feral colony by one of our volunteers faithfully every day. Grayheart would thank the man by a quick rub against the man’s leg. However their colony was near a busy road, and one by one they were hit by cars and killed.

Soon there were just four kitties left. Grayheart was a year old and had never been picked up by a human before. The man brought a carrier and quickly picked up the cat and dropped the kitty in. Grayheart was so upset that he was bleeding when he was brought into one of our rescue rooms. With his rescuers help we made a special place for him on top of our tall cages. His litter was on one side and his food and bed on the other. Like many ferals he made friends with the room cats before he allowed anyone but his rescuer to pet him. In the last year he picked certain people and would ask for a pet. However he was still and always would be a semi feral kitty.

About a month ago we realized that he had some problems with his teeth, however, we knew that getting this kitty back in a carrier, (he was neutered when he arrived at the shelter), would be a challenge. Finally the day came when we could no longer ignore the problem, and we made the appointment with our vet.

I purchased a pair of leather gloves and got a very fluffy coat for the capturing of this pretty kitty. At the last minute the night before I sprayed a carrier with catnip, and the bedding with catnip too. I left the room, knowing that all the six residents would investigate the carrier.

When I went in this morning only two were in the carrier and one walked out. I peeked in and slammed the carrier door closed. Grayheart was placidly resting in the back of the carrier. We would not go through the trauma of capturing him.

I had been so scared and here was my miracle for the day! Grayheart is home from the vets, with several teeth pulled, an infection shot, a pain control medication, and happily napping. What a wonderful ending to what could have been a very bad day. Thank you Lord, Granny Kat, Norma

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Information Greetings to all of the fans of Kitten Rescue of Mason County and those of you who are considering offering a forever home to a new kitty member of your family! Those of us at Kitten Rescue of Mason County are wishing you a wonderful holiday season! Our annual calendars are available and they are especially cute this year. My Mom has ordered an extra one to give as a Christmas present to a friend, they are great to give and receive! Our Christmas Bazaar and Bake Sale featuring handcrafted items will take place the first Saturday in December, we hope to see you there!


If you are considering the possibility of adding a kitty to your household, adoption from Kitten Rescue of Mason County is a wonderful way to go. All of our kitties receive personal attention to their needs from the time they enter our doors until they are carefully placed in your kennel to take with you. Now is a great time to adopt from Kitten Rescue of Mason County if you are interested in an indoor only kitty.

Kittens:Kittens are wonderful, fun, frolicsome additions to our homes. We have several kittens not yet ready for adoption, some that need to be spayed or neutered before adoption.  Please check the website frequently to see when a “coming attraction” kitty moves to the “bouncing babies” section. It doesn’t hurt to email us using the contact button to tell us you are interested in a kitten listed as “coming attraction” we just won’t list the kitten as “pre-adopted” until they are moved to “bouncing babies.”

Paired Kitties:Adopting pairs are a great way to have two cats in your household (kitties do like to have a buddy) without having to go through introducing unfamiliar cats and going through what can be a weeks to month long transition process (assuming you have no other animals). We have several paired kittens and cats available for adoption, they are already “buddied up” and ready to roll.

Shy or Special Needs Kitties:If you are someone who is an experienced kitty friend/owner and have patience, adopting a shy or special needs young adult or simply adoption an adult is very rewarding option… you will hold a very special place in our hearts. I cannot tell you how many times I come across a “shy” adult who, after warming up to me, will grace my lap or come up for a caress and ask for attention, but I know if someone they don’t already know visits the shelter  they often won’t show off this gentle, loving, affectionate side in the typical 10 minute visit. So, these wonderful kitties wait. Right now we have several “shy” young adults who have been coming along nicely in terms of learning to seek and receive affection. All they need is someone who is willing to be patient and calm, who understands it may take them a little longer to adjust to their forever home. These kitties all have the potential to be a wonderful companion pet… perhaps more so because they’ll gain the confidence of having their OWN forever home and their OWN person. It’s quite possible you’ll see a blossoming personality before your very eyes.

What if you can’t adopt, but love kitties?:If you love cats, but your circumstances do not permit you to offer a forever home, we can always use volunteers up at Kitten Rescue of Mason County. Anyone who is interested in volunteering can email us through the website at of your interest with your contact information and we shall let you know all of the details. Volunteering can mean many different things, depending upon your interests, your abilities, and time available. We have volunteers who volunteer a few hours once per week, volunteers who help with fundraising events like our Garage Sales and annual Christmas Bazaar, people who donate things to sell at our Garage Sale and people who handcraft homemade items for the Annual Christmas Bazaar and Bakesale.

Part-time Volunteer Cat Whisperer

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Tiny Kittens

Three weeks ago a feral mama cat gave birth to six lovely kittens. She had no home and looked for a safe place to have the kittens. Each time she would move the babies, predators would follow her, dogs barking, resident cats hissing, and people screaming and throwing things at her.

She would leave the kittens to gulp down some food, often dog kibble that was left outside. She did as good a job as she could at nursing and loving her family until she was under a house, and two dogs barked and threatened her.

The homeowner looked under the home, and discovered six small kittens. He knew they were too young to survive without mama so he took them inside.
“What to do now?” Calling several shelters and receiving no for an answer, he heard of Kitten Rescue. He drove many miles to Shelton from Belfair, arriving with the kittens in a carrier.

Had he called I would have said “No” we do not have any space, despite the fact that we had one small cage left in our office area. These kittens were under weight, covered with fleas, and just three weeks old. They were desperately trying to lick the top of an opened can of cheap cat wet food.

I knew that we were their only hope, and as much as I wanted to say “FORGET IT!” I could not abandon them. They needed a warm place to stay and appropriate food every four hours. Three of my wonderful volunteers sat down in the office and started the laborious work of teaching them to lap. The smallest one was in rough shape and she tried the hardest to learn.

The lapping lessons were followed up by syringes of KMR with expensive wet weaning food, made into a slurry and warmed. They gulped it down and fell into an exhausted sleep. Soon it would be 10 pm and then 4 am and with two good feedings in their small tummies they would feel much better. I need 28 hour days, as these 24 hour ones are just not long enough to get everything done!

Good Night sweet babies, you have reached a kitten haven.
Granny Kat, Norma

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July Garage Sale

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Nothing like a mother's love  

Last year at this same time we had several small kittens, ages about two weeks. Round the clock feeding, cleaning them, had us all really tired as we played mama cat.
The ideal is a real mama kitty that provides 24 hour love and care to her babies.
The down side will be finding homes for all of our mama cats, except the ones that will be returned to their owners.
Soon the small rescues will start coming in again, we can't place them with our nursing mama's because of the possibility of disease transmission.
Although we give lots of love to our rescues, we never ever do as good a job as our mama cats!

Granny Kat, Norma

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New arrivals Gweneth (female) 6/10/14Gweneth (female) 6/10/14

Saint Patrick’s Day brought us two new residents for our shelter. Connor was brought in because the homeowner who “rescued” him had two other cats that really were not impressed with Connor’s outgoing personality.

Gwyneth was brought into the shelter carried by a man of few words. “This cat came to my place, I don’t do cats.” He then handed the kitty to us and ambled out the door.

Soon both cats had their primary shots, and flea drops, followed by parasite control. Wednesday they were both tested and altered.

Connor suggested loudly that he did not belong in a cage, and wanted to join us right meow! We told him that when he was recovered after his neuter operation that he could go meet the other members already out on the floor in the room where his cage was located.

Connor was thrilled when we opened the door to his cage. He confidently jumped out and walked up to the biggest male in the room. Boots, who is extremely easy going, backed up a bit, and Connor jumped right up to the 16 pound orange kitty and softly smacked him in the face, wanting to play. Boots pulled back his paw ready to send this impudent teen across the room, when I rushed in and put the offender back in his cage. He looked sadly at me and said “None of these cats know how to play chase, or wrestle. I landed in an Old Cats’ home!”

Gwyneth gently tiptoed around the room, keeping her distance respectfully from the other adult cats on the floor. She settled down in a basket under the cages and took a catnap.

Connor stalked off to his bed, and flopped down for a long nap. He dreamed of a room that had teen cats that knew how to play, and not get upset about a few gentle smacks to the head.

Soon both of these pretty kitties will be in new homes, and purrs will replace the sad looks they now sport.

In the meantime, the large orange cat stretches out for another nap after a wee nibble of kibble, and shakes his head at the younger generation of cats that have no respect for their elders. Granny Kat, Norma

~ Update: Connor has been adopted but Gwyneth (photo above) is still available.


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Flea Control I am frequently asked questions about worming and flea drops. Why I don't buy over the counter flea and worming medicine? There are products out there that will make your kitty very ill. The good products depend on knowledge of your cats exact weight and even then some cats can have a bad reaction to them. I am not a vet or a vet tech. We would have to close the shelter were we not in daily contact with our vets office, and this is after 15 years of rescue experience. Children should not be raised without a specialist just for kids, and cats should not be cared for without a vet to oversee them. If our vet does not know the answer he and or she has access to a large library of information. They also take continuing education every year. Without Shelton Veterinary Hospital thousands of kitty lives would not have been saved. Granny Kat, Norma

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A cats capacity to forgive Marmalade (female) 3/15/14Marmalade (female) 3/15/14

Mama kitty was worried. Her owners were moving items out of the house, and soon the entire home was empty except for the garbage that littered the house.
It was entirely quiet in the home, and Mama had been put outside. No food or water, and this loving mama-to-be was due to have her kittens very, very soon.

She went over to the neighbor’s home and politely requested that they allow her to live in their garage. “I will not eat much, and I am sure that it is just a mistake that my people left me behind. They should return very soon to reclaim me!”

However, labor pains started, and four sweet little kittens were born the next day. One kitten however was born much too tiny to live. The neighbor, who already had three cats, called Kitten Rescue and we notified one of our best pediatric homes that “The Season” had started early.

Mama kitty was put in a box, and delivered to our vet’s office. Unfortunately when she arrived her smallest kitten had already died. The vet’s office, where mama kitty could hear and smell other animals that might threaten her kittens, was very frightening to this new mother cat. Later in the day when the office was closed, a friendly voice spoke with her and opened the door to her cage, which was located in a quiet section of the clinic. What no one expected was that the office cat would come strolling around the corner. With a cry of rage, the mother cat, who had already encountered abandonment and the death of one of her kittens, jumped out and attacked the large sweet office kitty.

Immediately she was captured, and returned to her kittens. This normally easy going loving cat was angry and terrified! When she was picked up and transported the next day she still growled quietly. She would allow petting but warned the new caretaker that her kittens were off limits. By the next day all was forgiven, and she allowed both herself and her kittens to be stroked as long as the volunteer wanted. If we humans forgave as quickly as this sweet girl, we certainly would not have the constant worldwide fighting that we do.

Happy Valentine’s Day Mama Kitty. In a couple of months you will have a forever home where you will be loved and protected! If your kittens are half as sweet as you are they will be wonderful additions to any family. Granny Kat, Norma


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Gracie Gracie (female)Gracie (female)

A cute young kitten was abandoned and soon found a home with a group of unrelated people that all lived together. While she was still in the adorable kitten stage, they enjoyed having her live with them.

One man promised to take the kitten with him when he moved to Alaska to work. Naturally when he actually moved he did not take the cat with him. The owner of the home did not like cats. She especially did not like cats that were no longer kittens. She put kitty outside, and one of the other roommates fed the cat occasionally. Gracie remembered the days of sleeping by a warm human and getting regular meals. The cat tried to get back in the warm house over and over, but was thrown back outside every time.

Gracie did not know what she had done wrong, she only knew that she was cold, hungry and missed being petted and held terribly. An acquaintance of the homeowner spoke with the homeowner often on the phone. Finally when the woman was threatening to shoot the @#$% cat, the lady had to intervene to save Gracie’s life. She called us and arranged to bring the cat to our shelter. Gracie was under a year old, with lovely fur that was matted and uncared for. The pretty cat’s eyes looked sad and lonely for the person who was no longer a part of her life.
We quickly trimmed most of the mats out of her fur, and placed her in a warm cage with fresh food and water. She gulped down the food, and then lay down for a rest. She had not been sleeping well in the cold and with the threat of predators always a part of her unwelcome new life.

When petted she purrs with delight, so that we know that she will have no problem finding another person to enjoy her company. This time however, she will not be placed outside. She will have a loving home, with a caring family to enjoy the company of this special girl. Sleep well little cat that purrrfect person is just waiting for a new friend like you. Granny Kat, Norma

*Gracie has been pre-adopted! Congratulations Gracie!


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Sheba Sheba (female Manx) 4/4/13 #013Sheba (female Manx) 4/4/13 #013

Hopefully none of you reading this are facing eviction. Two days ago a young mother stopped by the shelter in off hours and with the car running and the young children crying thrust a kitty into one of our volunteers arms.
“I am being evicted and I cannot live in a car with this cat and my kids too!”

Having been a single mother for a number of years before I married the current love of my life, I can empathize with the young lady. Childcare now is very expensive. By the time you pay for good care for the kids, often there is not enough money remaining to pay rent and utilities unless you have a profession.

Even if you qualify for reduced rent because of lack of or no income, the waiting list is often over two years. I can imagine the delight she felt with the births of her children. To be a single parent, and facing the fact that you could not even put a roof over your children’s head would be very difficult.

So these children were not only going to be lacking a warm home, but a favorite pet was taken from them. The lovely Siamese Manx adult, seemed content to join our other adults in the warm and friendly living room of the shelter. I longed to gather up that bereft family and try to fix things, but since the kitty was turned in when I was not at the shelter during my rest time, I could not help.

So I will pray that the frightened young lady and children will find the help they need with community support. Kitty is breathtakingly lovely, and will soon be adopted into another family that will be able to not only love her but can afford cat food and litter. Join me in praying for a new, better life for the young mother and a purrrfect home for this pretty cat.
Granny Kat, Norma


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Jelly Bean Jelly Bean (female) 9/17/14Jelly Bean (female) 9/17/14

Pedigreed cats or kittens often exceed $500.00 dollars in cost to adopt. When a person looking for a special kind of kitten to join their family comes across an advertisement for a part Persian kitten for only $50.00, the price is often too good to be true.
An adorable part Persian joined our shelter just recently. The new owner was directed to a home in our area by a newspaper ad, and the kitten was brought outside for the person to look at. Red flag, was the kitten used to living in a dirty home with a litter that was not scooped? Often those kittens will develop litter box aversion. This sweet little female used the litter just fine; however, she had a couple of small spots on her nose and paw that looked suspicious. The person had an excellent vet in another city that quickly diagnosed the fungus known as ringworm. Medicines were provided. The vet unfortunately did not think of letting the person know that ringworm is contagious. An older purebred Persian loved this kitten and played with her. When the next vet check was done, the vet remembered to tell the person that the entire house was now contaminated. The vet bills although reasonable, certainly would have paid for a purebred kitten.
The new owner was horribly upset at the fact that the resident cat was now exposed to ringworm. Persians have a rough recovery when they are infected with the fungus. We were called because at times we will accept special needs kittens, and this little girl needed a new home fast! Little Jelly Bean is enjoying playing with the ringworm recovered kittens in her isolation room through the openings of her cage. In about a month she will be available for adoption to a home with adults only and no other pets.
The important part of this story is that when adding to your family of pets, be very wary of the background of the pet you are adopting. Visit the inside of the home, and or shelter and check to see what the animals look like. When you are interested in an incredible bargain, often the hidden costs can be high. Kittens need to have internal and external parasite control, immunizations, and at least one per litter should be tested for feline leukemia or aids. An animal that will be your friend for the next 12 to 15 years deserves good health care.
Granny Kat, Norma

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Cruiser Cruiser (male) 4/12/13Cruiser (male) 4/12/13

Cruiser was obviously born into a home where he was loved. When for some reason he was abandoned in a neighborhood, he hid under a nice ladies porch and cried loudly to be allowed to come indoors where it was warm and safe. She already had two cats and her landlord would not permit a third so we were called.

The first day he was in the shelter he ate nonstop, and slept a lot. By the second day he watched the room cats and decided that it was time he was allowed out to join them. Cats that are on the floor for the first time have one of two ways of reacting. Either they hiss at all other cats coming near them, or they put out invisible vibes that tell all the other cats they are friendly. Orange cats usually are in the second category and Cruiser was no exception.

He quietly traveled around the room, and all of the other cats seemed to welcome him. I am always amazed at the rare cats that can make friends with no verbal contact at all. He enjoyed going back into his open cage for naps that first couple of days, but finally he chose a sleeping box and remained out all the time.

This pleased me because we now have an empty cage for emergencies. Soon we had one of our many calls for an orange kitty, and he will meet the people that reserved him tomorrow afternoon. I certainly wish that I could speak cat to the newcomers in the room that hiss violently for up to three to four days before they are admitted to the floor group. Maybe mix up a tincture of love and gratitude that Cruiser just has naturally. If it caught on, we could slip it into the drinks of our governing powers and save billions on war. Nuff said, “Up with the Cruisers of this world!” Granny Kat, Norma


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Giselle's new home Giselle (female) 7/20/13Giselle (female) 7/20/13

Giselle was born last year, an adorable little Torte Point Siamese, she was exceptionally affectionate with her little motor going much of the time. A family came to the shelter, looking for a kitten for their Mom who was older but still in good health. They brought the mother in and it was love at first sight between the two. As soon as Giselle was ready to go home, she was out the door and into the arms of her new owner.
They spent hours together during the day, and slept cuddled up at night. Giselle was in kitty heaven! The ladies’ son also had two of our shelter cats and was to be the backup owner in case of illness or death of Mom.
After a few months of delightful existence for both kitty and owner, the owner became very ill. She asked for one day to visit her precious kitty, and spent that day holding and saying good bye to her furry friend. Giselle did not know that her best friend would die the next day. She only knew that she was alone. Lots of food and warmth, but no person to hold and pet her.
She was taken to the son’s place, where the two resident cats not only said no about her joining them, but heck no! Giselle crept into a corner and turned her head away. “Why was her loving owner gone?” “Had Giselle done something terribly wrong?” So at last the ladies’ son brought her back to our shelter.
She climbed on a shelf away from the other three cats in her small room here and searched each face, hoping that one would be her owner. If Giselle could speak, she would ask, “Is there anyone that will want me, all by myself, hold me and love me?” “Will my Christmas wish be answered?” Join me in prayers for a new home for this lovely female please. Granny Kat, Norma


Just spoke with Giselle’s new owners, after hiding for a day, she is on their laps and loving her new home.  Happy Thanksgiving Mz Giselle!

Granny Kat, Norma


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Order your calendars!

Or click here

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Last garage sale of 2014

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Courage Courage is so sweet and loves to play. She is lonely without her kittens and she would make the purrrfect companion kitty cat!




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Murphy was born about 8 weeks ago on

a farm here in Mason County.  His mother

was fed and allowed to be an outdoor

mouser cat.  Naturally the farmer did not

want to be bothered by trapping and getting

the mother cat spayed under our free feral

fix and release program.  Nope, he handled

the kittens in the same way his father had.

Murphy’s litter mates were all killed by a

very accurate gun.  Murphy was lined up

in the sights of the man’s gun when a lady

happened to see what was going to happen.

“Stop” she shrieked, and got a box, caught

the terrified kitten, and brought him to our

shelter.  Since we are closed for new intakes

naturally we could not take this kitten.  If

you believe that you don’t know us very

well.  Murphy hissed and cried that first

day until we held a bowl of wet food

under his chin.  He gulped it down and

then curled up in the back of the carrier.

That was three days ago, and he has now

progressed to allowing himself to be

cuddled in a towel, and held for as

long as any of our volunteers have

time.  There is no law forcing the man

to get the mama cat spayed.  As you

can see Murphy is a very pretty kitten

and will soon be looking for a forever

home.                       Granny Kat, Norma

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Cedar came to us from under a woodpile. His
rescuer immediately took the two week old
kitten to his vet. His vet prescribed all sorts of
things for the small howling baby. However
round the clock care was not something that
the gentleman could do. Cedar, for a small
kitten, had an extremely big appetite. He
eagerly swallowed syringe after syringe of a
slurry made of First Step, a rich baby kitten food
especially for rescues like this tiny black kitten.
After the first day with us, Cedar’s paws
were wrapped with a towel as he constantly
flailed, telling us to go faster, faster, more,
right meow! As he got a bit older he looked
out and watched the other kittens. Everyone
but little Cedar had a friend to cuddle with.
Cedar refused to learn to lap by himself. He
insisted that we hold him and feed him
several times a day. Finally a few days ago
Miguel, a small tabby female, was left all
alone by her two siblings being adopted
together. We placed the two together.
Cedar could not believe his eyes! A friend
just for him! He wrapped his paws around
Miguel’s neck and snuggled down for a nap.
When Cedar awoke, he observed Miguel
lapping her bowl of wet cat food. When we
fed the two, (they receive five meals a day)
we placed a bowl in front of both kittens.
Cedar lapped all by himself. A friend is a
wonderful blessing. Cedar is now content
and a purrrfect gentleman!

Granny Kat, Norma

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Isabella's New Look
The very first thing we at Kitten Rescue would like to say is Thank You. Isabella's surgery was successfully funded through the "Cricket Fund"  by your generous donations. We are grateful. There was even enough raised to help pay for another kitten who required a tail amputation.
Isabella is now a healthy, happy, 3 legged kitten. She no longer drags around a cumbersome 4th leg that just was never again going to function properly. She is not quite as fast as her friend Chipper, but the two of them play together, running through the house, like any two normal kittens would.
Issy will now set forth the task of finding her forever home. She is currently in foster care, but available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting this lovely girl, please call the shelter so we can make arrangements for you to meet her. 
Once again, thank you all for your donations.
P.S. Issy's friend Chipper is ready for adoption too.
The "Cricket Fund" is an ongoing fund dedicated to kittens and cats in need of medical care outside of our normal limits. We will continue to bring you stories of the recipients. 
(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Fri, 19 Sep 2014 04:53:20 GMT
Isabella needs your help! Isabella female)Isabella female)

Isabella needs your help!
It has been five weeks since Issy saw Doc Gary. The hope was, that the nerves in her leg would heal, she would recover and not have to have her leg amputated. She has had some success. The upper part of her leg has healed and she now runs freely on the leg she used to simply drag behind her. However, the lower part of the leg is bent under and she has no feeling in it. The problem here is that it always has a sore, which is prone to infection. The likelihood of other complications is also great.
So... Isabella is scheduled for amputation this coming Wednesday.  It's sad, it's expensive , but it will ultimately improve her quality of life.   
The  "Cricket Fund" was created to pay medical expenses to save the eye of a kitten named Cricket. The generous donations made to this fund did just that. His eye was saved and he now lives a normal life. Isabella is now the recipient of "The Cricket Fund" If you would like to help Isabella and donate to the Cricket Fund, you can donate here
Or you can send a check to

Kitten Rescue of Mason County

420 SE State Route 3,  Shelton, WA  98584

Designate to Cricket Fund in the "memo" section of the check.


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New Section - Empty Nesters Check out the new section under Cats and Kittens titled Empty Nesters. These are mother cats whose kittens have been adopted and they are ready now to be adopted themselves. Kitten Rescue is offering a special adoption price of only $35 until the end of the month. Come by and visit these sweet ladies. They will steal your heart! 

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Tender Loving Care Elf (female) 7/22/14Elf (female) 7/22/14


Yesterday a man walked into the shelter late morning with a small box in his hand. It seems that he was stacking his woodpile for winter use, and found a tiny kitten at the bottom of the woodpile. Since it was a Friday, and he did not think our shelter would be open over the weekend, (our shelter is open 365 days per year), he offered the kitten, just two and a half weeks old, a saucer of cow’s milk. The kitten opened its mouth and closed it in the milk and got enough to survive the long weekend before it reached our shelter.
I picked the kitten up, and it lay in my hands, purring but not lifting its head either. With dawning horror I realized the kitten was too weak to lift its head. Kitten Milk Replacer over a smooth runny kitten wet food was soon being ingested by the kitten in a syringe. Followed by a bottle of kitten milk, and then the kitten was stimulated to urinate before I put her on a cozy snuggly disk with soft cloth wrapped around it. The urine was filled with blood, a sure sign of extreme dehydration. Since the small female was from Lake Limerick, she was named Elf.
Within hours, after a good flea combing and drops, she was sitting up, then standing up and yelling “More food, I want more delicious, nutritious, soft food, right MEOW. She would then sleep for an hour, wake up, and let me know she was still hungry. Little Elf will live, thanks to the man that brought her to our shelter, and thanks to the proper food for a kitten that she received.
Today she was moved to a new, larger cage, with toys and Baby Kat kibble and water. She posed for her first picture, and it was with pleasure I realized that she would live. Granny Kat, Norma

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Printing Center USA Kitten Rescue will be offering 2015 calendars for sale this year at the bazaar.

We are excited to be working with Printing Center USA in the production of the calendars. They offer a variety of printing services and you can check out all that they offer HERE.

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(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Tue, 12 Aug 2014 19:40:48 GMT
Compassion    El Gatito (male)El Gatito (male)    Mexico (male)Mexico (male)   


The weather is hot, and feral mama cats must be fed regularly in order to be

able to nurse their babies.  This mama kitty had chosen the safe haven of a

garage to have her kittens, however, for the majority of the month the owner

did not live in the home.  The home was a vacation home, and the garage was

a safe place to have babies, however, food and water were not available on

a regular basis.  With back to back pregnancies the feline did not have the

strength to nurse the kittens. 

  Luckily the homeowner visited when the kittens were just two weeks old.

They were old enough to toddle, but with mama staying away longer and longer,

trying to find food for herself and family, the kittens were slowly starving to death.

  The location of the home did not have access to any shelters that would nurse

tiny babies until they were old enough for adoption.  The only shelter that

would accept the kittens was two hours away.  The average person would

feel sad but not take the time to drive miles and miles in order to save the

babies lives.  These kittens were really lucky however.  The rescuer was

an unusually compassionate person.  Saturday afternoon he and the

babies arrived at the shelter. 

  We have a free feral fix and release program for families living in Mason

County.  Our residents make an appointment with our vet, and then we

loan them a trap to bait with tuna.  The feral cat is released after the

operation and food and water are provided 24/7. 

  These kittens will live and be altered and find good homes.  Hundreds more

will slowly die of starvation.  Without access to cat food and water, very few

cats will survive.  Mexico, El Gatito and Miguel are being fed round the clock

by one of our pediatric volunteers that is willing to sacrifice a large part of

her waking hours to save the kittens lives.  Hats off to compassion!

Granny Kat, Norma

(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Tue, 29 Jul 2014 19:25:30 GMT
Fleas are no friends

What do you do when faced with three kittens brought to our shelter
with a heavy flea infestation?
I was out of the flea control used for tiny kittens, having given it away to a person that had small kittens that were in similar circumstances.
Let me tell you that all the holistic things recommended DO NOT WORK!
The kittens came in at 11:30 in the morning, not even four weeks old.
Flea combing, saltwater baths, only took a small portion of the flea
load that was killing these babies with flea bite anemia!
Quickly one of my volunteers picked up Ovatrol from the vet’s and we
sprayed it on a hand towel and covered the kitten’s body, but not the head. We could not apply it to the skin of a kitten that weighed less than a pound. Fleas began dying and dropping off on to a clean white towel that we used to count the dead flea bodies. It was too late for the tiny Torte girl, despite the oral fluids and sub Q under the skin rehydration, she had too little blood volume left to survive. By 3:30 pm over two hundred fleas per tiny body had been killed.
Both of the small orange kitten rested, with the only way of telling that
they were alive was the tiny breaths they were taking. At 5:30 pm the flea killing patrol started again with another 40 fleas being removed. Soft food with drops
of a liquid kitty vitamin with iron were fed to the kittens. The smallest required several ccs of Ringers under the skin to survive.
At 12:30 am both were still alive! At 5 am they both could stand up and walk over to their litter box. I wistfully thought of my bed as my day starts at 4 am. 10 am brought another small kitten in that had been found starving beside the road. Covered with fleas and severely dehydrated the merry go round started again. Fortunately my tough old skin is not attractive to a flea’s hungry bite. Thank God for naps! Granny Kat, Norma

(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Wed, 23 Jul 2014 20:19:18 GMT
Isabella's leg  

Isabella female)Isabella female)

Until about three weeks ago I was a normal kitten with four legs
that worked really well. I was an outdoor kitten, with no
supervision. One day I saw a butterfly on the other side of the
road, and ran at top speed to catch it.
A big fast noisy machine was coming along the road, and suddenly
I felt a burning terrible pain in my shoulder. My leg had been run
over. I lay at the side of the road, because my shoulder hurt so
badly that I could hardly breathe.
A nice man took me to Kitten Rescue’s shelter, and since the vet’s
office was closed, a kind young lady took me home, and gave
me food and water.
The next day the doctor said that there was a tiny chance that the
leg might be saved and not removed. I was to exercise and if the
nerves came back I might walk on my four legs again.
I have learned to move quickly on my remaining three legs, and
have a lovely purr. My name is Isabella, and I would like to ask
you a big favor please! Keep your kittens indoors where no cars
and animals can hurt them. If you feel they need adventure, a
screened outdoor deck or catio would be super, but I am so little
to have gone through so much pain. Thank you, Isabella the kitten

Isabella is the recipient of the Cricket Fund. The Cricket Fund is a fund dedicated to medical fees for injuries or illnesses outside the normal Kitten Rescue funding limits. Isabella is currently in foster care and being treated by the Shelton Vet for a dislocated shoulder and severed nerves which may or may not heal. Isabella may lose her leg, but we will provide her every opportunity available within our power to save it.

Either way, leg or no leg, we will find her a loving forever home.


(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Mon, 14 Jul 2014 19:27:22 GMT
Feral Rescue Razelberry (male)Razelberry (male)


Day before yesterday a feral mama kitty was looking for food to feed her three kittens. They were seven weeks old and growing larger and more hungry each day. Mama frequently went
without food herself to feed her furry children, giving them the rich milk that they needed to survive. Mama must have seen a bird on the other side of a busy highway, because she crossed the road and was killed by a speeding car. The three kittens hereafter known as Bumbleberry, Razelberry and Loganberry, had been told to stay home by mama kitty. After a whole cold night with no food or mama in sight, they cautiously made their way to the last
place where mama had been seen. With their vivid color they were easy to see, and never having been hurt by humans they were easily caught and rescued by a caring young lady
driving by with small children.

However, she was also a victim of bad circumstances, she and the children were living at a shelter for abused woman. What could she do? She fed some of her baby’s formula to the small kittens, and asked the staff at the shelter what the resources were locally for the pretty kittens.

Since Kitten Rescue was all that was available in this large county, we were called. “No!” the old lady thought when she heard the problem, “I already have 98 cats and kittens, and where would I put them?” As per usual the solution popped into her gray head.
“The bathroom cage can serve as a temporary quarters for these motherless kittens.” The terrified babies were carefully placed in the cage, along with food and finally wet
food. The kittens carefully waited until Granny Kat, left the room and then gulped down the welcome wet food. They cautiously tried the water and kibble, and then being tidy kittens used the litter box neatly.

Their fate would have been the same as mama cats, slowly starving, and most probably death by car as they tried to find food they were not equipped to catch. Instead they will gradually be tamed, altered and immunized and then find families that will love and protect them.
Granny Kat, Norma


(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Fri, 06 Jun 2014 00:12:51 GMT
A note from the Webmaster I just wanted to post a quick note about kittens being moved from the "Coming Attractions" page to the "Bouncing Babies" page. I know a lot of you are patiently waiting for our little ones to get big and strong so they will be available to adopt. Its very important to keep a close watch on the Bouncing Babies page because once kittens get moved to that page, they become available for pre-adoption and are often reserved in minutes. The kittens that became available yesterday, Valentina and Valentino, were pre-adopted within ten minutes of becoming available.

We are very excited for the coming weeks and the adorable kittens that are getting closer to being available for pre-adoption!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

~Feather (webmaster)

Valentina (F)Valentina (F) Valentino (M)Valentino (M)

(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Sat, 24 May 2014 22:46:26 GMT
Donna's New Life Donna (female)Donna (female)

Once upon a time a wild, (feral) mother cat had a litter of lovely kittens.

Food was hard to come by, and predators delight in taking baby kittens.

Mama kitty had to go a long ways for fresh water, and nursing her only

surviving four week old daughter became more than mama could handle.

She carefully picked a house with no dogs, and took the small kitten to the

middle of the yard. “Placing a quick lick on the tiny kitten’s nose, mama told

the baby to meow as loud as you can!”  The kitten we named Donna let out

a mournful yowl as her mama disappeared.  “Wait mama, I can’t run as fast

as you, come back, come back!”

The owner of the house came out to see what was making the racket.

Donna had never seen people before, so she ran up and asked them to

find her mama please!  Instead they called Kitten Rescue and the old

woman told them to bring the young kitten into the shelter. 

Donna ate her slurry politely, and drank her bottle somewhat reluctantly.

It did not taste as good as her mama’s milk did.  She then sadly curled up

on the warm heated disk, and lay next to the fuzzy stuffed bear.  When

she woke up the next morning she heard lots of other kittens yelling for

their breakfast.  She opened her mouth and meowed “Me too!”  In about

a month this pretty kitten will be able to go to her forever home.  She still

thinks of her warm mama, but those thoughts are gradually growing dimmer.

She is safe now, with love, food, and a warm bed.  Granny Kat, Norma

(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Sat, 24 May 2014 04:35:39 GMT
Full House Monday morning was great for the early part of the morning. Our three kittens in the living room end cage were eating well on their own. The newest three kittens in the small cage over the green cage had just caught on to lapping and did not need as much bottle time as the two prior days. Shannon has been coming in early and feeding the office kitties, and the two cages out there both were making good strides in learning lapping and not having to be supplemented with bottles.

New 10 week old female kitty tabby was put in the Old Procedures Room for an hour this morning to stretch her legs. She briefly hissed at the two other older kitties but seemed to enjoy the freedom from her cage.

Then at 10:30 am four kittens came in from what the rescuers deemed an abandoned house. They were only three weeks old, and would need to be taught to lap, and followed up with a bottle. Each was carefully weighed, and a collar placed on their tiny necks.

Was just finishing up about 11:15 and the same lady drove up with four more. I snarled at her, and she admitted the house was being torn down. I took the four kittens without using any profane language and Jenny helped me get them situated.

Now a well-meaning young man has just put a mother cat and her kittens in a box, and we have to find a place for her. A lovely
silver tabby and her four two week old babies.

Granny Grumpy Kat, home to 86 cats and kittens as of this second. Sigh

(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Tue, 20 May 2014 05:00:25 GMT
Coming soon!


Tango and his brother cash will be going to our Bouncing Babies about the middle of May. Keep checking Kitten Rescue of Mason County, Bouncing Babies!

(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Thu, 24 Apr 2014 18:11:39 GMT
Introducing your new cat to current resident cats For some great tips on introducing your newly adopted cat or kitten to cats you already have at home, hover over the "About" tab at the top of the page and then click  "Care and Resources". Or Click Here.

You will find lots of great tips on caring for your new cat as well as our latest article on introducing your new cat to other cats.


(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Wed, 16 Apr 2014 23:58:45 GMT
Peaceful Night DSC_9206DSC_9206


Last night, after a long day of work, I actually sat in a chair in the living room

and watched PBS for a few minutes.  Gemini climbed on the green cage behind

my chair and gently touched my head with his.  His body is still sensitive from

his close encounter with starvation, but he enjoys touching and having his head

gently stroked.

Willie our oldest room resident came over and reminded me that the winter

season of quiet was almost over and Willie wanted petted.  Pricilla and Owlette

his two closest friends joined him for pets and conversation. 

Two of our yellow kittens had been returned and were in a cage by the door.

They were shy at first but soon relaxed into the rhythm of a cage again and lots

of toys to play with.  I had worked on a finding a copy of “How to introduce our

new cat to other cats” and was considering giving this article to people adopting

our kittens or cats that had kitties at home.  Often families think they know how

to introduce new pets, but this article had some great ideas.

Earlier in the day during morning shift I had noticed that the window behind

the cage at the far side of the room, had painters tape sealing it.  The tape was

cracked and full of dust.  Despite the thorough cleaning that we give each room

we had overlooked that danger spot.  Soon it was clean with new tape sealing

the window.  Thank God for the quiet days before the storm of springtime rescues

arrive.  In the last two days 8 kittens have been born to two mother cats.  Spring

has arrived!  Busy and beyond busy days are just around the corner!


Granny Kat, Norma

(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Sun, 13 Apr 2014 17:38:05 GMT

For all who have a Fred Meyer Rewards Card or for the ones who do not, there is a way that Kitten Rescue can get  another donation to help our cause. If you will go to this site and fill in the information, on every purchase at Fred Meyer, we will get a portion of that purchase to go for our cause. There will be a small

flier on the bulletin board at Kitten Rescue too. Here is how:

1. Type into your Search Engine (like Google) FRED MEYER COMMUNITY REWARDS

or follow THIS LINK

2. When the page comes up, click on WELCOME TO FRED MEYER COMMUNITY REWARDS

3. When page comes up, click on LINK YOUR REWARDS CARD

4. When page comes up, follow directions to link your card to a non-profit organization, Kitten Rescue of Mason County, or if you do not have a rewards card, you can sign up here too and then link it to a non-profit organization, Kitten Rescue of Mason County.

For a small amount of time, you can help with the food and supplies that

Norma pays so much for. Thanks loads, volunteers.

(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Tue, 01 Apr 2014 23:06:40 GMT
Two special kitties  

DSC_9206DSC_9206 Princess (female)Princess (female)

                           Gemini                                                                      Princess


Two years ago Gemini was dumped in a yard in the North Shore area of Hood Canal.  The

people there did not mind feeding him, and when they discovered that he could be neutered

free of charge under the free feral fix and release program offered by Kitten Rescue they

got him to the vet promptly.  Times became hard for the family, and they finally could not pay

their rent any longer and were evicted.  Gemini had been treated kindly there and when

no more food or water were offered Gemini started a trek to find food.  He found a home not

too far away, but when he went to the door and asked politely to be fed, he was yelled at and

told to “Scat!”   Eight days with no food, thank God for mud puddles and rain, and this kitty

was getting weaker and closer to death.  We got a call from the people living there, telling me

that naturally they had not fed the cat, and they wanted us to pick him up and take him to

our shelter.  This was one of those situations that was life or death.  When the male kitty

arrived three days ago he ate steadily for half an hour.  He then stumbled over to a bed and

slept in comfort for the first time in many days.  He tolerated being immunized and getting

flea drops. He was placed in a large green cage, with shelves to get him up above the curious

kitties that were located on the floor.  He worries about how long it will be this time before

he is again abandoned with no food or shelter.


Princess was adopted as a half grown kitten by a lady in a special needs home shared by

three other ladies.  All were developmentally disabled, and Princess frequently heard loud

laughter or screaming and crying.  Another cat was also added, and Princess was miserable.

Her owner moved to another town and did not take Princess with her.

Princess wanted a quiet home with a person who enjoyed reading and liked PBS playing

quietly in the background.  She too came to us spayed under our free feral fix and release

program, and was up to date on all of her shots.  Princess looks sadly out of the cage where

she now temporarily lives, and dreams about a forever owner with soft hands and a soft voice.

Join me in wishing the best futures for these two special adult kitties.


Granny Kat, Norma

(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Mon, 31 Mar 2014 01:03:56 GMT
Thank You                                              Randi (male)Randi (male) Mama Cottontail (F)Mama Cottontail (F)                                                                                    

We deal with adoptive families that much of the time want small kittens.  The

kitten on the left is about 9 weeks old.  When he and his three brothers went

on our website it took half an hour for he and one of his brothers to be pre

adopted.  The sweet mama Cottontail had her kittens, was a fantastic mother,

and it may take up to a year before she finds the purrfect home!  Cats become

sexually mature at about six months.  We constantly preach, “Spay and or Neuter”

your pet, immunize and provide internal worming and external

parasite control. 


So often kittens are “Rescued” at four to six weeks, and still have not had

any of the procedures necessary for a happy and healthy life when they are

two and even three years old.  So not only does our shelter do rescue but

teaching and helping low income families is important for their feline

family members too. 


Month after month enough donations come in to help feed the older cats

that wait patiently for adoptions.  I am sure if Mama Cottontail could talk

she would send big purrs your way.


Thank you from all the furry residents of Kitten Rescue.


Granny Kat, Norma

(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Sun, 30 Mar 2014 04:35:37 GMT
Amazon Smile Another way to donate to Kitten Rescue of Mason County, has a new way to sign in if you want a percentage of your purchases to go to a charity. It is called, AmazonSmile. You sign in and there's a blank to fill in the name of the charity.

AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as

The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases.

How do I shop at AmazonSmile?
To shop at AmazonSmile simply go to from the web browser on your computer or mobile device. You may also want to add a bookmark to AmazonSmile to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at AmazonSmile.


(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Thu, 27 Mar 2014 01:18:58 GMT
Kitten Season Rescues Are About to Begin

Soon it will be the time of year for young kittens, now being born, to be abandoned.

Mama cats, starving will often leave their litter near the steps of a home where the family leaves food outside for hungry and uncared for cats.

Other families whose cats are not spayed will be the reluctant recipient of another batch of kittens. The days of being able to place unwanted kittens in front of a grocery store are gone. Despite the fact that a female cat belonging to low income
family can be spayed for the cost of five Latte’s or subscribing to Net Flix; that is not a priority. With our programs, residents of Mason County can get a female cat spayed for 22 dollars and a male for 12 dollars.

When kittens begin to toddle and litter boxes are not provided, or if they are not scooped regularly, the kittens often go to the bathroom on carpets and in corners. Each of our rescue kittens climbs in the litter box when it is usually about three weeks old and never has an accident.

Protective shots and worming are never a part of our rescued kittens’ lives. In the homes of a large amount of our populations are computers. Games are played, Selfies are taken, and stories traded.

Not once have any of the people bringing unwanted kittens to us ever consulted a site that tells them the requirements for protecting the health of the kittens. “I didn’t know that a female cat could get pregnant as young as six months!” “My male kittens are spraying all over the house, I want you to find them a loving home!” “I rescued a kitten and my resident cat hates it!” We hear these comments during the entire rescue season.

The time to place a rescue kitten is when it is before ten weeks old. When we are contacted by people wanting us to take their “kittens” at nine months of age, so that they can “rescue”
another litter of kittens that are young and adorable, we frequently do not have room to take them. We offer low cost altering, ideas for marketing, but in the vast majority of cases
the kittens must be placed within 24 hours. Usually this is because the landlord has paid a surprise visit and has discovered the kittens that were not allowed to begin with.

Again we begin the season with our mantra. Spay/neuter, immunize, and treat for parasites.

Have a happy and healthy spring season. Best wishes from Kitten Rescue of Mason County.

(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Thu, 27 Mar 2014 01:12:08 GMT
Jasper Jasper (Male)Jasper (Male)


Jasper was adopted in late 2009. For the first 4 years life was wonderful The kitty was easygoing and his best friend was a 50 pound dog. Then Jasper’s owner got sick and after a couple of months went to her doctor. The doctor did a lot of tests and it turned out for some reason that the lady had suddenly become allergic to the loving kitty. She tried clipping his hair, and antihistamines, however, nothing but the removal of this special kitty was going to help her recover.

The first night that Jasper was in the shelter, he put his head in the corner and would not look at us. No purring, no eating, he just felt that for some unknown reason he had done something wrong and his world would never be the same! By the next day he had nibbled some food, and would purr and with lots of cuddles he soon was purring and eating normally.

One of our other male kitties, just a year old, had a playmate called Sweet Pea who was adopted the same day Jasper came in. Tanner stuck his paw under the door and when the door was opened went in and rubbed against Jasper. At first Jasper growled, but Jasper was lonely too. Soon he allowed Tanner to stay beside him, and seemed more content. Now our job is to find another purrfect home for this gentle silver tabby who likes dogs and accepts other friendly cats.

Let’s all send good wishes and prayers for a family to love this special boy.

Granny Kat, Norma

(Kitten Rescue of Mason County) Thu, 13 Mar 2014 22:13:11 GMT