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Kitten Season

March 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Rescues Are About to Begin

Soon it will be the time of year for young kittens, now being born, to be abandoned.

Mama cats, starving will often leave their litter near the steps of a home where the family leaves food outside for hungry and uncared for cats.

Other families whose cats are not spayed will be the reluctant recipient of another batch of kittens. The days of being able to place unwanted kittens in front of a grocery store are gone. Despite the fact that a female cat belonging to low income
family can be spayed for the cost of five Latte’s or subscribing to Net Flix; that is not a priority. With our programs, residents of Mason County can get a female cat spayed for 22 dollars and a male for 12 dollars.

When kittens begin to toddle and litter boxes are not provided, or if they are not scooped regularly, the kittens often go to the bathroom on carpets and in corners. Each of our rescue kittens climbs in the litter box when it is usually about three weeks old and never has an accident.

Protective shots and worming are never a part of our rescued kittens’ lives. In the homes of a large amount of our populations are computers. Games are played, Selfies are taken, and stories traded.

Not once have any of the people bringing unwanted kittens to us ever consulted a site that tells them the requirements for protecting the health of the kittens. “I didn’t know that a female cat could get pregnant as young as six months!” “My male kittens are spraying all over the house, I want you to find them a loving home!” “I rescued a kitten and my resident cat hates it!” We hear these comments during the entire rescue season.

The time to place a rescue kitten is when it is before ten weeks old. When we are contacted by people wanting us to take their “kittens” at nine months of age, so that they can “rescue”
another litter of kittens that are young and adorable, we frequently do not have room to take them. We offer low cost altering, ideas for marketing, but in the vast majority of cases
the kittens must be placed within 24 hours. Usually this is because the landlord has paid a surprise visit and has discovered the kittens that were not allowed to begin with.

Again we begin the season with our mantra. Spay/neuter, immunize, and treat for parasites.

Have a happy and healthy spring season. Best wishes from Kitten Rescue of Mason County.


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