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Two special kitties

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DSC_9206DSC_9206 Princess (female)Princess (female)

                           Gemini                                                                      Princess


Two years ago Gemini was dumped in a yard in the North Shore area of Hood Canal.  The

people there did not mind feeding him, and when they discovered that he could be neutered

free of charge under the free feral fix and release program offered by Kitten Rescue they

got him to the vet promptly.  Times became hard for the family, and they finally could not pay

their rent any longer and were evicted.  Gemini had been treated kindly there and when

no more food or water were offered Gemini started a trek to find food.  He found a home not

too far away, but when he went to the door and asked politely to be fed, he was yelled at and

told to “Scat!”   Eight days with no food, thank God for mud puddles and rain, and this kitty

was getting weaker and closer to death.  We got a call from the people living there, telling me

that naturally they had not fed the cat, and they wanted us to pick him up and take him to

our shelter.  This was one of those situations that was life or death.  When the male kitty

arrived three days ago he ate steadily for half an hour.  He then stumbled over to a bed and

slept in comfort for the first time in many days.  He tolerated being immunized and getting

flea drops. He was placed in a large green cage, with shelves to get him up above the curious

kitties that were located on the floor.  He worries about how long it will be this time before

he is again abandoned with no food or shelter.


Princess was adopted as a half grown kitten by a lady in a special needs home shared by

three other ladies.  All were developmentally disabled, and Princess frequently heard loud

laughter or screaming and crying.  Another cat was also added, and Princess was miserable.

Her owner moved to another town and did not take Princess with her.

Princess wanted a quiet home with a person who enjoyed reading and liked PBS playing

quietly in the background.  She too came to us spayed under our free feral fix and release

program, and was up to date on all of her shots.  Princess looks sadly out of the cage where

she now temporarily lives, and dreams about a forever owner with soft hands and a soft voice.

Join me in wishing the best futures for these two special adult kitties.


Granny Kat, Norma


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