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A cats capacity to forgive

February 18, 2015

Marmalade (female) 3/15/14Marmalade (female) 3/15/14

Mama kitty was worried. Her owners were moving items out of the house, and soon the entire home was empty except for the garbage that littered the house.
It was entirely quiet in the home, and Mama had been put outside. No food or water, and this loving mama-to-be was due to have her kittens very, very soon.

She went over to the neighbor’s home and politely requested that they allow her to live in their garage. “I will not eat much, and I am sure that it is just a mistake that my people left me behind. They should return very soon to reclaim me!”

However, labor pains started, and four sweet little kittens were born the next day. One kitten however was born much too tiny to live. The neighbor, who already had three cats, called Kitten Rescue and we notified one of our best pediatric homes that “The Season” had started early.

Mama kitty was put in a box, and delivered to our vet’s office. Unfortunately when she arrived her smallest kitten had already died. The vet’s office, where mama kitty could hear and smell other animals that might threaten her kittens, was very frightening to this new mother cat. Later in the day when the office was closed, a friendly voice spoke with her and opened the door to her cage, which was located in a quiet section of the clinic. What no one expected was that the office cat would come strolling around the corner. With a cry of rage, the mother cat, who had already encountered abandonment and the death of one of her kittens, jumped out and attacked the large sweet office kitty.

Immediately she was captured, and returned to her kittens. This normally easy going loving cat was angry and terrified! When she was picked up and transported the next day she still growled quietly. She would allow petting but warned the new caretaker that her kittens were off limits. By the next day all was forgiven, and she allowed both herself and her kittens to be stroked as long as the volunteer wanted. If we humans forgave as quickly as this sweet girl, we certainly would not have the constant worldwide fighting that we do.

Happy Valentine’s Day Mama Kitty. In a couple of months you will have a forever home where you will be loved and protected! If your kittens are half as sweet as you are they will be wonderful additions to any family. Granny Kat, Norma


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