You will see kittens separated below by different colored background blocks.

Each grouping is a separate litter and any special circumstances will be noted by the photos in that color block.

If there are two kittens marked as "paired," they must be adopted together. 

If you wish to adopt two kittens, they must be from the same litter in the same color block.

Bouncing Babies

Under 6 months old

Please be sure to bring a pet carrier for your kitty's trip home.  We will not release our kitties without one (for safety reasons).

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DOB 05/27/2022

These kittens are shy, however we have been watching them slowly transform as they get used to human contact after being rescued from behind a dumpster. They can both be petted as long as you are slow when you approach them. If you just give them a chance and a little time, we believe they could become very friendly. They will need lots of patience, a quiet home, and lots of love. They will need a small quiet space to call their own in their new home. No dogs or small children recommended.

Renee (Goofy) 2_edited.jpg
Renee (m)

DOB 05/29/2022

Toothless f.jpeg


DOB 06/03/2022

Astrid f 1.jpeg
elfie update.jpg

Oct 2021


June 18, 2022



Both boys are very friendly. Spicy is the definite ambassador of this pair. He comes right up for pets and play. Both enjoy pets and attention. Elfie is the laid back boy and Spicy is the playful one.

Graphic Spiral
Darrel (m)
Dusty (m)


DOB 07/22/2022

Darryl and Dusty love to play. Darryl is more outgoing and comes right up to you to be petted. Dusty is a bit more shy and if you are slow and careful you can pet him. They can  both be picked up if you take your time. They are looking for a loving home with people who will be patient and continue to help Dusty come out of his shell.

ricky update.jpg



rudy update.jpg
rowdy update.jpg


randy update.jpg

DOB 07/27/2022

These four are very active and would love for someone to claim them as family members to be held and petted to their hearts content. They will show their appreciation with a bountiful supply of purrs and lots of kitten antics. Rudy came to us with a cloudy scarred right eye which has been thoroughly checked out by our vet. His cloudy eye doesn’t affect him or slow him down one bit. Won't you fill out an application to see one of these pairs of these adorable kittens.

DOB 08/03/2022


Maury (m)


DOB 08/22/2022

These two sweet boys were delivered to the shelter by a concerned citizen when they were very young. They were raised in foster care and have become very affectionate and needy when it comes to attention. They are familiar with non-aggressive dogs and would be fine (with proper introduction) to a home with other animals.



DOB 08/24/2022

Born to a feral mom and not rescued until they were 8 weeks old, these two are a little shy. GusGus is the more outgoing one and doesn't mind being held. Gibson is a bit more reserved. They will make a great addition to a family willing to put some effort into doing a little more socialization. They have already come a long way since being rescued.

Vito (M)
Ruby (F)
Diva (F)
Dallas (F)
Korben (M)
Munro (m)
Sweety (F)

DOB 08/26/2022

These kittens have grown up in foster care. They are all very playful and sweet. They all love each other and so must be adopted in pairs or threes. 

Adoption pending

Leeloo (f)
Leeloo is not available
to go home until 11/19/22
Nerbles m.jpg
Orangemellow m.jpg


DOB 09/02/2022

Orangemellow and Nerbles are an adorable pair of fluff balls. They love to run and play and hang out with people. They are looking for a family to call their own.