Cat care tips and resources

We understand that these are trying times and while Kitten Rescue is dedicated to helping as many cats and kittens as we can, we can not always immediately take surrenders. Here is a list of other shelters near Mason County. Please do Google shelters further out though to see if they can be of assistance.

Humane Society of Mason County 360-275-9310

Feline Friends 360-866-0599

Animal Services Olympia 360-352-2510

Concern For Animals 360-456-8176


Choosing your new cat or kitten:

Choosing your new cat or kitten is an exciting time! The linked article addresses these questions: click HERE

  1. Should You Get a Kitten or Adult Cat?
  2. Evaluate Your Home Environment
  3. Think About the Relationship You Want
  4. Do You Already Have Pets at Home?
  5. Talk with Shelter Personnel
  6. Do a Walk-Through and Look at the Cats Before Settling on One
  7. Spend One-on-One Time
  8. Coming Home
  9. Get to Know Each Other
  10. Be Patient and Ask for Help if Needed


Make sure you home is ready for your new arrival.

Have a room set up for the newest feline family member. This room should have a litter box, scratching post, toys, feeding station, and places to hide. Even though you know you’re providing a wonderful new home for the cat, it may take time for the newcomer to get familiar. Coming from the shelter environment to a totally unfamiliar place can be overwhelming. Provide one room so the cat can get comfortable with the new smells, sights and sounds. Don’t ask your new cat to get to know an entire new home or apartment, or other pets, all at once.

Are you introducing your new cat or kitten to other pets at home?  Take a look at this article on tips for successful introductions.



Keeping your cat healthy and happy. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • It is important to know what plants are safe to have around your Kitty. Find a list of Toxic and Nontoxic plants HERE
  • The cat or kitten should be friendly and comfortable with people. A physically sound individual is active, bright, responsive, rambunctious, and eager to join in play. Beware of a cat that frequently runs and hides or sleeps more than normal. For more signs of a healthy cat, click HERE
  • If you think your cat or kitten is not feeling well, you will need to take him to your veterinarian. Signs your cat may be sick can be found HERE
  • Its important to have your cat or kitten up to date on its vaccinations. For more information on vaccinations click HERE
  • Tips on feeding your adult cat
  • Nutrition tips for kittens
  • Caring for your senior cat
  • Its important to check your feline friend regularly for fleas and other parasites. Here is some information on some common parasites you may encounter.