Kitten Rescue of Mason County | Factiods

2017 Kitten Rescue Factoids


The year of 2017 was a banner year for adoptions.  607  cats and kittens went to forever homes!  Another 12 by 12 building was finished, allowing us to phase out our rooms upstairs, accessed by steep stairs. 

  Our feral program was enhanced by a travel trailer being placed at our feral directors home.  She was able to keep cats and kittens until they could be altered and sent to safe barn homes.  Trapping feral cats is a challenge.  Our director goes on location for people who have more than just two feral cats and traps the cats.  They are then sent to Northwest Spay and Neuter for altering and shots.  They are returned the next day and we continue to provide food for the cats, matching what the person with the feral colony provides.  Kittens caught before they are five weeks old can be tamed and adopted to forever homes and go through our program with Shelton Veterinary Hospital.  Without the vet and staff of Shelton Veterinary Hospital we could not exist.  They perform the medical procedures that our rescued cats and kittens need and then test and alter them for us.  They are an amazing resource and we are extremely grateful to them. 

  Our low income grant assisted with 174 altering.  96 of those are female and we prevented about 960 unwanted kittens from being born. 

 Our garage sale volunteers hold the five garage sales per year that give us the financial help that we need to care for our shelter population.

Another volunteer heads up the bazaar that is so popular here in December.  The community gives us wonderful donations, both money and garage sale items, and stands behind our hard work.

  We save thousands of dollars in salaries by being staffed by volunteers.  As director I am blessed to work with such amazing people. 

We would appreciate your prayers and continuing support for another busy and successful year here at Kitten Rescue of Mason County.