Kitten Rescue has been contacted by Kauai Humane Society with a plea to assist them in placing an overabundance of kittens from the island. We have agreed to help and have accepted an emergency intake of the following kittens. We are still short on space so we would like to find loving homes for these kittens before they arrive. Most of the kittens are coming in bonded pairs (pictured together), so we will need homes accepting two kittens. They will not be adopted as singles.

If you can find the room in your home and heart for some of these kittens, we would appreciate it.

If you are interested, please fill out the adoption application form at the bottom of this page. Please remember to specify the name of the Kauai kittens you are interested in.




Ahi M PAIRED with KagamiAhi M PAIRED with Kagami

Kagami F PAIRED with AhiKagami F PAIRED with Ahi

Ahi (M) & Kagami (F) 03/19/2021



These two are both 5 months old and have grown up in the shelter. They came in with the hopes of finding a foster home and it never happened. When I picked them up to take their pictures, they immediately melted into my arms and just purred and purred. They are very good at entertaining themselves but would make a great pair as well. Very friendly and desperate for attention, I am sure they would love to have a lap to sit on all the time!

* I love Kagami, she is such a snuggler! and sooooo soft with that silver velvet fur.

Sweet Dumplin MSweet Dumplin M



Sweet Dumplin (M) Honeynut (M) Butternut (F)

DOB 06/16/2021

These three all came into the Kauai shelter at only a few days old and one of our nursing mothers took them right in. She was a champion and nursed not only her 3-week-old kittens but these 3 as well!! They have all been in foster care with their older "siblings" so they are very comfortable around cats and dogs and LOVE people time. They are super playful and goofy! It might take awhile for them to warmup to you so be patient and they are sure to win your heart.