Julia F PetSmartAlexa F 04/01/21Angelina F 04/01/21 with Jonquel (FIP+)Armani M 09/15/20 PETSMARTArtesia F 09/15/20 paired with Morgan PetSmartDutchess FDutchess F 12/24/2018Casper M PetSmartHeather F 02/26/21Holland M 02/26/21Holly F 9/28/20 Paired with Rosemary PetSmartJanica F 04/11/21Kendra FMorgan F 09/15/20 paired with Artesia PetSmartOnyx & Oakley M 6/03/20 PAIREDRosemary F 9/28/20 Paired with Holly PetSmartSailor M 03/15/21Selena F 02/25/2018+Shane M 03/15/21Shar F 03/15/21