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Muffin (indoor/outdoor) 2013"PAIRED w/" under picture, will not be adopted as a single.Stella F  PAIRED with CammieCammie F  PAIRED with StellaKR LOGOMr Mighty M 1+ yoMuffin F 07/20/201312Lavender F 05.29.21 Very Shy! Can't hold. Microchip/RabiesLionel M 05.19.21 Very Shy! Can't hold Microchip/RabiesAnica F 10/28/2020 PAIRED with JoyceJoyce F 04/07/21 PAIRED with teen AnicaJiselle F 04.20.21 VERY SHY. NOT A LAP CATAshton M 05/12/21Venus mama +5 9/07/21Albert M 07'29'21