Zorro M 11/02/20 Semi-Feral. Indoor Barn cat with JaelynZoe F DLH ManxWillie M 05/22/2019Tomasina F 02/20/2019Tiny F 07/29/21 PAIRED with PrincessThor M Semi FeralThom M Feral with Terrance. Barn CatTerrance M Feral with Thom. Barn CatTebo M 08.05.20 can not hold. Needs a patient person.Tangela F 08/05/20Tali F 08/05/20 SHYStewart M 12/03/20Stephan M 12/03/20Steffie F 11/04/20 SHY needs socializationSong/Stevie Barn CatsSherman M Barn Cat PAIRED with GrampaSheldon M 12/03/20Scruffy M 5/01/20  Indoor/Outdoor Quiet home, No kids.Sarah F 12/01/2019 pic#1Sarafina F 12/03/21