Boots F INDOOR ONLYSir Paul M 08/26/2020Tomas M PAIRED with TortieBambi F 09.01.21BONDED Jacob-Jerry M 10.02.21 BONDED PAIRBouncer M 09.01.21 with BravoBravo M 09.01.21 with BouncerBronco M 09.01.21Charmy F 12.31.2018,Chester M 03.14.2020Dainty F 03.15.21Dillon M 07.25.21Drake M 07.25.21BONDED Jack-JayJay M 10.02.21 BONDED PAIRLanya-Liliana F 08.07.21 BONDED PAIR-shy but cuddlyLetty F 10.15.2020Magruder-Morris M 09.30.21 BONDED PAIRMarshmallow M 12.15.2020Miget F 10.28.21Nicholas M 10.27.21