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Zsa-Zsa F 6/19/20Yuri (male) 4/28/20Yonny (female) 4/28/20Yodel (male) 5/12/20Ying F 7/31/20 paired with YangYang M 7/31/20 paired with YingWyoming F 9/12/20Wynona F 10/10/19Wren F 7/20/20 adopted w/WillowWrangler (male) 7/2/19 - bonded with WilmaWoodyanna (female) 6/2/19Woodrow M 7/20/20 w/WeaverWonder (male) 6/20/19 - paired with WishWish  (female) 6/20/19 -paired with WonderWinston M 09/12/20 Paired w/ WinklerWinn (male) 8-26-19Winkler M 09/12/20 Paired w/ WinstonWinfrey F 9/12/20 w/WindyWindy F 9/12/20 w/WinfreyWilma (female) 7/2/19 - bonded with Wrangler