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Abbie (female) 10/28/19 (paired with Dean) *shyAbby ( female) 3/26/2020Abby (female) 7/8/19 (paired with Audrey) *shyAdrian (male) 4/26/19Aimee F 8/17/20 paired with AshleeAlexa (female) 10/17/19Alisia -Pulgadas RTO FAlvira F 6/12/20Andrew-garfield M 9/03/20Angel (female)Annabell FAnnabella (female) 3-27-17Anton (male) *no other pets 9/2014Arcadia F 7/17/20Archie M 8/26.20 paired with ArlettaAria-Zoey F 9.03.20 w/AvaAries (male) 3/26/2020Arletta F 8/26/20 paired with ArchieArthur (male) 3/26/2020Ash (male) 3/26/2020