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You will see kitties separated below by different colored background blocks.

Each grouping is a separate litter and any special circumstances will be noted by the photos in that color block.

If there are two cats marked as "paired," they must be adopted together. 

Special Needs

Cats with health or physical needs that require monitoring, medication, etc

Please be sure to bring a pet carrier for your kitty's trip home.  We will not release our kitties without one (for safety reasons).

Did you find a kitten or two? If so, please fill out and submit the

ADOPTION INQUIRY FORM below for an appointment. 

We will contact you within 48 hours to be interviewed and to set-up  a visitation appointment for adoption.

Be sure to check out our Adoption Policies and Procedures before proceeding.


Chrissy (female) 12/24/12

This senior gal loves to snuggle - she’ll do it for hours if you let her. She plays a little, likes to explore a little, and when she naps she is a very sound sleeper and doesn’t wake-up easily. She also will need to be monotored for pain as she was diagnosed with spondylosis. She does get around pretty well but this is a degenerative disease. Chrissy would make a phenomenal companion to an elderly person/couple or be a loving addition to a family with no young children or other pets, please.

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