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Surrendering your Cat/Kitten

We understand that these are trying times and while Kitten Rescue is dedicated to helping as many cats and kittens as we can, we cannot always take surrenders immediately.

We rescue cats and kittens from Mason County ONLY.

Here is a list of other shelters near Mason County that may be able help.

Intake is based on space availability and our resources. We would greatly appreciate a donation with each surrendered animal to help offset medical supplies and shelter expenses in caring for the animal.

Before filling out a form, we ask that you please do the following to insure the cat does not belong to someone else:


1) Have it scanned for a Microchip (free at your local Vet)

2) Post a picture and information of the cat in your neighborhood and on Facebook, or these links - Mason County Lost Pets  and

Click on the link that best describes your situation.

A cat belonging to you or someone you know.

Filling out a form above is not a guarantee that we will accept your animal.

There might be a three to four week wait before we are able to take in your cat as space is limited.

Thank you for your patience.

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