Teenage Kittens

6 months to 1 year old

Please be sure to bring a pet carrier for your kitty's trip home.  We will not release our kitties without one (for safety reasons).

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(M and F 09/15/21)


gianni 9.15.21.jpg
greta 9.15.21.jpg

These two are playful, friendly and very loving. Gianni will come forward to be petted and sit in your lap while Greta can be coaxed with a little patience. These two will be adopted as a pair.  Greta was very shy when she came to us but has blossomed into a loving cat with the attention of our faithful volunteers. These two are very excited to find their purrfect forever home.

Garfield M 2.jpg

Garfield M 9/25/2021

Garfield is a very energetic cat. He is constantly curious and will rummage around in anything that crinkles. He is friendly towards humans, unknown on his reaction to children. He is very feisty when he plays, and the majority of the time, he doesn’t know when enough is enough (NO children under 10 years old). He may be good with a cat equally as playful and more around his age. So, if he is to be with another cat, they should match his energy and make sure that it’s both playing. Overall he is a very, very sweet boy. He purrs SO loud! He is a wonderful cat, and we would like him to go to someone who can spent time with him so he can get all that crazy energy out. Garfield does not get along with older cats. He is extremely energetic and needs a kitty friend that will play with him.

Garfield M 9-25-22.jpg

(M and F 09/15/21)


Gage M 09-15-21.jpg
gillian 9.15.21.jpg

These two are very outgoing, playful, and can be picked up and held. They love to climb and explore and are looking for a wonderful new home with lots of love and space to run and play


Gigi (F 09/15/21)

She is shy when it comes to being petted, however we are working with her and she can be petted once you catch her. She loves to play and tumble with her brothers. She loves to play and is curious about everything around them. Because of Gigi's personality, she will do best in a quiet home without small children. It is recommended she be started in a small room where the new family can spend quality time with her as she gets used to the family before being let out into a larger space.

Gigi F 10.05.21.jpg
Gofurr M 10.05.21.jpg

Gofurr (M 09/15/21)

Gofurr was very shy and hated to be picked up when he first came to the rescue. Now that he trusts us and has gotten used to the environment, he is right there to help as we clean the cage and feed him and his siblings.

Helen (F 09/26/21)

Tahoma (F 09/26/21)


Helen is very outgoing and loves to be petted and purrs like crazy. She is ok being held for a short bit. Tahoma is on the shyer side. She likes being petted but on her terms, although she is getting more outgoing with time and we believe with a patient person will become as outgoing as her sister. They both have lots of energy and love to explore and play. They are looking for a family that will give them opportunities to be their lovable and playful selves.


Miss Tiger Woods

(F 07/19/2021)

Miss Tiger Woods was found on a golf course and the lady thought she was male, thus the name. She has come a long way from the shy girl she was when she arrived. Now she is much more outgoing, loves attention, and her toys. She also likes to be held and snuggled. NO Kids under 10 years old please She has been tested twice and both times has come back with being Feline Intestinal Peritonitis (FIP) exposed. As this is usually fatal when it mutates into its full form, being exposed means there is a "possibility" of getting it, but the kitten could live years before that "might" happen. For more information, please research FIP on-line. We would like to give her a chance to enjoy life without cutting it short. We ask that she go to a home to be an ONLY PET or with other pets that have been exposed/have FIP!

Miss Tiger Woods.jpg
Tony Tucker.jpg

Tucker and Tony

(M 10/17/2021)


tucker 10.17.21.jpg
tony 10.17.21.jpg

Tony and Tucker are a darling pair of bonded kittens. Tony can be shy but will warm up, while Tucker is more outgoing. Tucker loves to chase his tail and play! both kitties enjoy being held and cuddled. They would do well in a calm home with older children (ages over 10). They get along well with other cats but not dogs.


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