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Teenage Kittens

6 months to 1 year old

Please be sure to bring a pet carrier for your kitty's trip home.  We will not release our kitties without one (for safety reasons).

Did you find a kitten or two? If so, please fill out and submit the

ADOPTION INQUIRY FORM below for an appointment. 

We will contact you within 48 hours to be interviewed and to set-up  a visitation appointment for adoption.

Be sure to check out our Adoption Policies and Procedures before proceeding.


Skyler m.jpg
Skyler (m)
Sonja f.jpg


DOB 05/27/2022

This pair has blossomed in their time at the rescue. They love to be petted, to play, and to explore their surroundings. They can still be a little shy with too much going on around them and a lot of noise. They were rescued as kittens from behind a dumpster. Between caring volunteers working with them and other socialized kittens in the room teaching them “the ropes”, they are very different from those terrified kittens. They will need continued patience, love, and a quiet home to keep building their confidence. It is recommended that they have a small quiet space out of traffic flow to call their own. No dogs or small children recommended. Other cats are a possibility with proper introductions.

Special Appointment Needed

DOB 07/19/2022

Shaylee is a purebred Persian and will be adopted at a special price. She was surrendered by a lady who could no longer care for her. Shaylee is very loving and longs for a person who will brush, snuggle and give her all the attention that she deserves.

DOB 08/16/2022

Special Appointment Needed

Pisces is currently on the shy side, but with the right family we're confident she'll come out of her shell. Her mom, Peekaboo (aka Anita) was rescued from a hoarding situating while pregnant. She was born in her caregivers home in Lacey. Older children (e.g. teens) okay. Dogs okay if they are cat/kitten friendly.


May 2021

DOB 08/16/2022

Special Appointment Needed


DOB 05/31/2022

Special needs

Lincoln and Gordie are best buds! Gordie is very sweet. He loves to be scratched under his chin and will give lots of purrs. He will need some time and patience to get used to living in a home. He does have a non painful foot deformity that will need to be watched. Lincoln is extremely shy but loves his brother dearly. We are working with Lincoln to get him used to loving touch but he will need lots of time and patience. These boys will do best in a quiet home without small children or dogs. Other cats may be ok.

lincoln 1.jpg


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