Teenage Kittens

6 months to 1 year old

Please be sure to bring a pet carrier for your kitty's trip home.  We will not release our kitties without one (for safety reasons).

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We will contact you within 48 hours to be interviewed and to set-up  a visitation appointment for adoption.

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DOB 03/10/22

Bubbles is on the shy side but if you are slow and careful, you can pet her. She loves to play and to explore her room as long as their isn’t a lot going on. She will need a quiet household and a space out of normal traffic flow to call her own as she gets used to her new family and surroundings. No dogs or small children recommended.

LEXA UPDATE-DeNoiseAI-standard.jpg

DOB 04/26/22


LORINA UPDATE-DeNoiseAI-standard.jpg

These girls are on the shy side however they are slowly getting more comfortable with people. Lexa is more outgoing and easier to pet and play with than Lorina. If you are slow and patient you can pet Lorina. They will need lots of love and patience to encourage their confidence. With a calm, patient, and loving home these girls will continue to become more outgoing. No dogs or small children recommended.






DOB 04/26/22

Marzell has always been the more outgoing of these two sweet boys. He will let you pet him and he loves to help when we clean their area. Morgan was very shy at first, but has come a long way and now lets people pet him without running away - as long as he doesn’t get startled or scared. They both love to play and purr when petted. They should be given a quiet spot to call their own as they get used to their new home. They are looking for a family with lots of patience and love.

Blue Skies

DOB 05/08/2022

Benny and Bruce have totally blossomed during their time with us. They came in as shy boys and are now very outgoing, sweet, and loving boys. They love to run and play together when given floor time. They can be held and it was discovered recently that they totally love to curl up in a lap and will take as much petting as you have to give. They will give plenty of purrs in return for those pets. These little house panthers are so much fun to watch it has been great to see them come out of their shells. They are looking for a forever home with people to play with, space to roam, and laps to curl up on.

DOB 05/18/2022

Shelbie loves to be petted and purrs her appreciation. She also loves to play and run around. She is looking for a furrever home and a family to call her own.

Obi-wan m 4.17.22.jpg

Adoption Pending

dob 05/17/22

Obi-wan is a very special kitty. He loves to run, play, and explore. He also loves be petted and do lap time and will let you know by the precious purring you will hear. He is a dominant male and needs to go to a household that does not have any other cats.

Erin (Turbo) 2.jpg
Erin (f)


DOB 05/12/2022

Eli (Timeowthy) & Rina (Mickey) 3_edited.jpg
Ely (m)

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