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Teenage Kittens

6 months to 1 year old

Please be sure to bring a pet carrier for your kitty's trip home.  We will not release our kitties without one (for safety reasons).

Did you find a kitten or two? If so, please fill out and submit the

ADOPTION INQUIRY FORM below for an appointment. 

We will contact you within 48 hours to be interviewed and to set-up  a visitation appointment for adoption.

Be sure to check out our Adoption Policies and Procedures before proceeding.



Heidi (f)

Meet Heidi! This sweet, slightly shy dark tortie is an absolute heart-stealer. Her playful spirit shines, and she's ready to blossom in a loving home. She's about 6 months old. #AdoptHeidi


*In foster care*


Castiel (m) 6 months 

Castiel, the sweet, super-friendly Russian Blue, is your ideal companion. He adores playtime and cozy naps, harmonizing with other feline friends (and maybe even those of the canine persuasion). Make him yours and bring harmony to your home. He's besties with Rhino!  #AdoptCastiel

*In foster care*


Rhino (m) 6 months 

Meet Rhino, a male with a heart of gold. This sweet and super-friendly classic tabby is your ideal playtime companion. Playtime and catnaps are his specialties. Ready to be your cuddly companion. Don't miss out on making Rhino your new best friend! He gets along with Castiel beautifully.  #AdoptRhino

*In foster care*


Cheetah (m) 6 months 

Meet Cheetah! This is the brother of Rhino, Serval, Panthera, and Zebra and he's grown up with Castiel. Cheetah is a chatty, playful, and super-friendly feline. He'll steal your heart with his purr-sonality! Ready for a loving home.  #AdoptCheetah

*In foster care*


Zebra (f) 6 months 

Meet Zebra, the playful, and friendly female kitten! She is the sister of Rhino, Cheetah, Serval, Panthera, and has grown up with Castiel. She's a purrfect companion who might surprise you by jumping on your shoulder during litter box clean-up. Ready to bring this little ball of joy into your home? Adopt Zebra today! 

*In foster care*

Panthera (f) 6 months 

Meet Panthera, a striped female Siamese kitten. She is the sister of Rhino, Cheetah, Serval, Zebra, and has grown up with Castiel. This sweet and loving feline adores playtime. Give Panthera a forever home and let her fill your life with love and joy! 

Special Siamese adoption price of $200

*In foster care*


Serval (f) 6 months 

Meet Serval, the female torby with a heart of gold! She is the sister of Rhino, Cheetah, Panthera, Zebra, and has grown up with Castiel. This affectionate and playful kitten adores snuggles, shoulder rides, and hair play. She's your future furry stylist-in-training!  #AdoptServal

*In foster care*

m and m.jpg

Melissa & Marie (f) 03/31/23

These paired sweet sisters are ready for you to bring them home!

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