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Adoption Policies

Thank you for considering adopting a cat from us! This page has important information that you need to know before you submit an inquiry to Kitten Rescue.

  • Kittens in foster care or under 7 weeks old are not available for pre-adoption.

  • For the safety of both the child and the kitten, Kittens under four months old will not be adopted to households with children under the age of five.


  • Kitten Rescue is a privately run, non-profit organization and reserves the right to refuse any adoption that is not in the best interest of the cat or kitten. 

  • We have an adoption screening process that helps ensure that we place our cats in loving, responsible, and committed homes. We use the screening process to help us understand your needs and expectations and to help determine the best home for each cat or kitten. We want to ensure the health and safety of our cats as well as their compatibility with the adoptive family for a happily ever after!

  • Cats must be indoor only. Cats who are kept indoors can reach the ripe old age of 17 or more years, whereas outdoor cats live an average of just two to five years.

  • Cats cannot be declawed. Declawing requires removing all or part of the third bone from their paw. This is not a harmless operation. Also, should your cat get outside, it has no means of defending itself or climbing a tree to get away from predators. 

  • Adopter has the financial means to take care of a cat. This includes not only food and litter, but also veterinary costs for routine care and for emergencies estimating about $750 a year.

  • If renting, adopter must have owner's permission to have pet in the residence..

  • We encourage the adoption of Kittens and some adult cats in pairs unless you already have a young, compatible cat at home or are at home the majority of the time.

  • It is possible that you might not get the cat or kitten you initially wanted or see on our web pages. We strive to make both our adoptable pets and our adopting families as happy as possible but we may feel that another kitten would be a better fit.

  • All household members must agree to the adoption.

The continued health and safety of our cats and kittens is our primary concern. Our volunteers spend hours socializing the cats and kittens and we make sure that all have had proper medical care, immunizations, internal/external parasite control and have been spayed or neutered before adoption.

Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment. You must plan on taking your cat with you if you were to move.

In the event that you must give up your cat, please contact Kitten Rescue. We might be able to take it back (on a space-available basis) or Kitten Rescue needs to be made aware of the re-homing for our records.

Just like with your children, you must have a plan for who will care for your pets should something happen to you.

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