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Spay/Neuter Program

We offer Discounted Pricing and Transportation for spay/neuter through Northwest Spay and Neuter. Drop off time at Kitten Rescue is 5:30a.m. on the morning of your Appointment. We have also listed other options.

Please note:

  1. If you have an appointment at ANY Vet (including Shelton Veterinary Hospital), you must pay the full cost of the spay/neuter and bring your receipt to us for the financial assistance noted below *. We no longer provide Vouchers for Shelton VET.

  2. The information listed here is for domestic cats only. Please see our Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Program under the "Resources" tab at the top of the page.

  3. Discounted Pricing/Financial Assistance is available only to Mason County residents.

Kitten Rescue is providing Discounted pricing with LIMITED TRANSPORTATION to Tacoma for domestic Spay & Neuter.

All animals must be delivered to Kitten Rescue in an appropriate sized hard carrier. (DO NOT stuff a 9 lb. cat in a 4 lb. kitten carrier.) (Drop off time is 5:30a.m. on the morning of your Appointment.)


All healthy cats and dogs over the age of twelve (12) weeks and weighing at least three (3) pounds are eligible for surgery.

All animals receive the following:

  • Veterinarian Exam

  • Sedation and Pain Medicine

  • General Anesthesia

  • Spay or Neuter Surgery performed by a licensed veterinarian

  • Tattoo on Abdomen (small green line for future verification)

  • Bedtime Snack After Recovery (for cats and overnight dogs only)

  • Tender Loving Care

Please fill out the Spay/Neuter/Transportation Assistance Application


Regular Cost:  $115

Discounted Cost:  $90     

Cash or Check Payment must be made to Kitten Rescue at time of drop-off before transportation will be provided. 


Additional Vouchers for further Financial Assistance can be obtained from these Resources: (Must be handed in at time of drop-off)

Concern for Animals

Mason County Humane Society

*Financial Assistance for ANY Veterinarian: (including Shelton Vet)

We will reimburse you maximum of $50 of the spay/neuter costs (pain meds required) in financial assistance. Check around because costs vary greatly among veterinary practices!  

Please remember to bring your receipt to Kitten Rescue for your reimbursement.

Other Low-Cost Options:

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